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This is a simple little trick that a writer shared today but we think it is fantastic! Keep the positivity, happiness and love flowing into 2015 by doing this every day.

  1. Take a reasonably large jar.
  2. Get a small note book.
  3. Every day write one good thing that happened to you or one thing that made you smile on a small piece of paper.
  4. Fold it up nice and small and pop into the jar.
  5. On the 31st December 2015, empty these out and read them all, remember the beautiful and good things that the past year brought you and do it all again the following year!

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  1. Should be interesting to read on Dec 31. Wonder how often the same/similar things make you happy?

  2. I’ve actually done this for the last three years or so, and it really does bring a smile to your dial!
    When your year had been particularly taxing, it’s good to look back and remember the small stuff with gratitude. 🙂

  3. 2015 When I get older, losing my hair, when I’m 64. Looking forward to singing that Beatles song, will you still need me, will I still be pretty, casara sara.

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