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Sometimes you slip, sometimes the grandkids decide paper is simply not enough or sometimes you just don’t realise that the marker you are writing with is permanent. Whatever your situation is we have some sparkling little tips to remove permanent marker off almost anything.

Clothes – hand sanitiser

Wood – rubbing alcohol

Plastic – nail polish remover

Walls – toothpaste or hairspray

Upholstery – hairspray

Carpet – white vinegar

Dolls – non-acetone ail polish remover

White board – whiteboard marker or pencil rubber eraser

Glass, stainless steel, mirrors – Whiteboard marker

Skin – sunscreen

Flat screen TV screen – toothpaste


Do you have any other tips to share?

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  1. “Milton baby sterilisation liquid on a cotton bud will take it out 🙂 Used to use it for car valeting on leather car seats 😉 comes in a little bottle from most supermarkets… or you can use nail polish remover… but only apply on the affected area! then wipe with a damp cloth and apply some leather conditioner as it will dry the area out a little, and would crack if left :)’ This is what I have just read about getting getting biro off of white leather. Someone else has said to spray with hairspray. I don’t know if either work.

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