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Have you ever found yourself struggling to put a bracelet on single handed? Your significant other might be too busy to help out and sometimes you just don’t want to disturb anyone to help you with this seemingly simple task.

Here’s a life hack to solve this problem and it involves an unlikely object…tape!

You can use any type of tape you have lying around the house. All you need to do is simply stick a length of tape over the bracelet after positioning it on your wrist.

Once the bracelet is secured you can take the other side and making the connection is a whole lot easier.


Via Popsugar

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  1. how simple , wonderful idea , so simple you shake your head and say “why didn,t i think of that” lol

  2. I’ve been wearing an ID braclet for 40 years. One learns very quickly how to put them on especially if you have different ones for different occasions. B|

  3. I use sticky tape to tape one side to my wrist. After the bracelet is done up just peel off the tape.

  4. Very impressed,have arthritis in my fingers and have a terrible time trying to do up my bangles,it really works,thanks!!

  5. Also try a longish safety pin in the ring so you can hold the pin with your fingers while you do up the clip with your other hand

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