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Do you always cook too much or too little pasta? This neat trick will ensure you always make the perfect amount no matter if you’re cooking for one person or 10.

All you need is your pasta and a small, empty water bottle.

Grab some pasta and put in the hole of the bottle. If you need more, add it, or take some out until the pasta fits snugly.

Take it out and put in your pot to boil – this is enough for one person. Follow the same steps for more servings – easy!

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  1. No probs – just weigh mine. 100g is a standard serving but we generally use 75g each. Easier than stuffing it in a bottle 🙂 Works for other pasta too, not just spaghetti.

  2. This is fine for a specific type and size of pasta, one would need to have various measuring devices if this was considered worthy. Is pasta that expensive if too much was prepared and it’s better not to under estimate.

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  3. As a child a friend of mine used to visit one of his relatives with his family. She was a bit stingy in the food department so when dinner came it was all wolfed away. Her response was always “That was lucky I just cooked enough.”

  4. I used to have a gadget that measured out sizes. These days I measure by a circle with my thumb and pointer finger

  5. Wouldn’t work for short past so I just weigh mine and if I make more purposely I’ll turn it into baked pasta never any waste

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