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Getting jar lids off is hard whether you’re old or young, male or female!

This great life hack is so easy you’ll wish you hadn’t wrestled with the jar lid before.

All you need is:

Duct tape

Your jar lid

Simply cut a piece of duct tape and place on the lid like in the picture below. Secure and pull to the right!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.16.40 pm

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  1. …. or just use your pair of rubber gloves at the sink – one glove on the jar, one on the lid.

  2. or..another trick taught to me was stick a knife under the lid..give it a wee twist..and that break s the eal and makes it easy to open

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    • Use this one every time, it always works, no muscle power needed. Also a great help for those with arthritis in the hands.

    • Been doing the knife twist for years. Have shown it to family but still watch them struggle trying to unscrew the lid, lol. Was also told it makes it easier to open if you hold close to your chest.

  3. Just tap the side of the lid with the back of the knife, it has worked every time for me!

  4. I have three different sized grips for want of a better word which I purchased, you place them over the lid, squeeze and twist, they are great works really well.

  5. Doing it like that with a piece of duct tape, assumes the lid’s not very tightly screwed on. I either tap the back of a knife on the side of the lid (to breaj the vacuum) or run the top of the jar under hot water. Both work!

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