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Despite the winter weather, this life hack has blown our mind. Have you ever found that your ice cream has come out too icy from being stored in the freezer?

To prevent this happening and keeping your ice cream creamy follow this simple trick.

Store the ice cream container in a sealable plastic bag. Place this back into the freezer until the next time you want to enjoy a creamy ice cream scoop!

Ice Cream in bag




Will you try this hack? Have you heard of this hack before?

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  1. Yes I have heard about putting icecream tub in a sealed plastic bag but along with that advice it did say to first wrap the tub in Alfoil then put into a re sealable plastic bag.

  2. Here is a hack hold your scoop under the hit water couple seconds it works not that i eat ice cream but the grandkidz love it ……..

  3. My mother did this for 60 years. And it works. I don’t eat much ice cream so I used to get ice form inside the tub. Lay plastic bag inside against ice cream. No more icicle ice scream. Do both.

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