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No one wants to spend their whole day folding shirts – it can be time-consuming and a little dull.

But did you know you can fold a shirt in 2 seconds flat? It’s one of the best tricks for anyone looking to minimise their time doing chores.

Watch this video below and see how easy it is:

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  1. One of my sons worked for a leading suit company and to get that crispy presentation in the store they used a special board to fold around. Then extracted the board I told my son and his off wider I thought this was cheating.😸👔

  2. If it’s a shirt , get iron and hang if it’s t-shirts, I wish I could cut this cardboard to fold t-shirts in 2 seconds . It’s just a matter of accuracy of how to cut the board in the right angle . Otherwise let say that I can fold clothes within 5 secs 😜

  3. I once worked in the office of a sportswear clothing manufacturer, part of their line had tee shirts. They could never work out how one of the folders could fold so quickly and as they were paid by piece, she used to take home a decent wage. Looking at this I wonder if this was her secret to folding. It certainly had management baffled. 😃

  4. Very good and other things you can show me that is easier to do in the house would be great.

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