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If you’re looking to organise your cupboard or create a bit more space, we have a cracking new tip. You will need some soft drink cans and… that’s it.

All this tip involves is taking the soft drink tab off the can and threading it over the neck of the coat-hanger. After this hook the second coat-hanger through the other side of the tab (just like in the photo above). This idea doesn’t create more space in your cupboard but does stop the hangers from bunching together. It can also help you pair shirts and pants together and organise your outfits.

coat hanger photo 2


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  1. throw out everything that does not fit and no matter what you try to do they still won’t fit…

  2. years ago I bought some coathangers sort of like this——could put 4 items on the one hanger and they hung down like this—think it was something I saw on TV shopping lol

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