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Have you ever been in a situation where you need to chill a bottle of wine ASAP? This useful tip could make an amazing difference!

  1. Simply take a tea towel and run it under some cold water.
  2. Wrap the wet tea towel around your bottle of wine and place it in the freezer.
    The dampness of the tea towel allows for better conduction and increases the surface area being chilled – which in turn, leads to a quicker chilling time.
  3. Check on it in about 15 mins – 20 mins. Your wine should be chilled and ready to unwrap and serve. To remove the tea towel, just run the bottle under a stream of cold water and then ease the tea towel off.

Have you tried this technique? Do you have any other tricks for cooling wine quickly?

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  1. Wrap bottle in plastic wrap first and then it will be easy to remove tea towel without running under tap

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    • Plastic wrap is an insulator and defeats the purpose of the wet towel – to conduct heat away from the wine bottle more rapidly.

  2. The wet towel is a good idea. If/when you forget that you have put the wine in the freezer and the bottle bursts all the broken glass is held inside the towel rather than being mixed with frozen wine slush in the freezer. 🙂

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    • The sparkling wine did burst in our case – in a friend’s freezer – sharp pieces of glass infiltrated all the plastic bags of food etc. & all had to be thrown out. Yes, I can recommend using a tea-towel & also setting your timer.

  3. Better still, keep some ceramic cubes in your freezer, they will chill the wine instantly and not water it down, available at Stevens etc.

  4. Been doing this for years. Have never had trouble removing the tea towel, no need to run under the tap.

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