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Sick of the flies buzzing already this spring? Here’s an easy, cheap fly trap you can make at home to keep them at bay.

What you need:

  • An empty plastic bottle of any size
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Apple cider vinegar

How to:

First, cut off the top of the bottle about 4cm down from the top. Be sure to cut the narrow section of the bottle, so the upper lid will have something to rest on without falling in.

Fill the bottom half of the bottle with a few ml of your ACV. Invert the top half of the bottle and rest it on the bottom half. Tape around the outer edge to hold it in place.

Your homemade fly trap is done! Place it near windows, bins or in the kitchen and change regularly.

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  1. No thanks! Not too worried about flies. This reminds me of those horrible sticky fly papers that we used to hang from the ceiling! They did the job but they were revolting! With improved fly screens and timed battery operated sprays, flies are nowhere near the problem they used to be.

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    • I agree I am screened. Only a problem when we have a barbecue outside and in our heat we are mostly in air con.

    • I know what you mean my Mum had them hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen they did do the job but I can still see them full of dead flies YUK

    • There were definitely the pits. I hated having to take the old ones down and put up new ones. We had fly traps on the farm, just out on the veranda and you had to bait them with disgusting smelling stuff. I decided I’d rather have the flies! With the sticky fly papers, you used to hear the stuck but still alive flies buzzing. Makes me sick just thinking about it!!

    • Debbie, Hugh has one of the battery operated timed sprayers in his living room. We hardly ever get a fly in so I think it’s unnecessary, but he likes it. I don’t like the smell, although in reality it’s very faint. Have you tried these? I know they have them for inside and outside too. We don’t bbq much, in fact seldom, but there’s nothing like having a bbq to attract the flies for sure! I remember years ago we bought cold meat in town and it was flyblown before we got home! That would never happen nowadays.

    • Perhaps done people don’t like the sprays and if you are on a farm these are awesome

    • Done it. Cannot stand breathing in the chemicals. Poisonous.

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      • I agree Kerrian – I’m going to give this a go. We don’t get many flies inside as we have screens, but I might put one on the back verandah. I a spray kills the flies it probably isn’t too good for humans neither.

    • Mary Campagnolo I will keep a look out for the timed sprayer. Sounds like it will solve our problem.

    • Kerrian, I agree with you. When Hugh leaves the room at night i switch it off. The smell is mild but it still annoys me. I have been assured that the spray is harmless, but not prepared to take the risk/

    • No one’s mentioned how the flies suffer dying slowly.

  2. Use 1 lemon cover it with cloves this is better and also lovely smell can last for years no sticky sheets for me


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    • I thought it was the vegemite one for fruit flies Garry.

  4. sounds good …i used to get a glass jar and place peanut paste round the top and in the bottom and i used to always catch cockroaches

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    • I once tried putting beer in a container for snails in the garden Glenice. I caught everything BUT snails. I guess the snails in my garden are tea-totallers.

  5. I’d like to know what we are breathing in with those timed sprays. I’d be worried breathing stuff in 24-7 can’t be good for anyone.

  6. We have masses of flies (there are paddocks of cows all around us) and we refuse to use chemical sprays. We just open the windows and doors and let them fly through. If it’s cold, there are no flies – if it’s hot, it’s good to have the doors and windows open anyway. And if there is food around, we just put a food cover over it. Simple and easy!

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    • Well done Robyn, I let flies live their natural lives if possible, even rescu them (as well as bees and spiders) if they fall in the rain butt.

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