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Here is a cost effective and creative way to turn general household products into quality liquid fabric softener. Even the cheaper versions of the ingredients will produce the same result as a regular store bought fabric softener!

Try it for yourself by following these instructions:



5 cups of hot water

3 cups of vinegar

1 cup of hair conditioner (hint: you can vary the smell of the fabric softener by using different hair conditioners)

1 container (to store the mix)



  • Mix the hair conditioner and the hot water together in a bowl (the hot water will help to smooth the lumps of the conditioner)
  • Add the vinegar into the mixture
  • Pour the mix into a container of your choice.
  • Add the normal volume of fabric softer to your wash load.


Have you ever made your own washing detergent or fabric softener? What is your favourite brand of fabric softener or detergent you usually use?

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  1. Just use the cheapest white vinegar you can buy, takes all of the suds out of your clothes and cleans your machine at the same time whilst making your washing softer…no smell

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    • I have been doing white vinegar for a long time Ruth but do find my towels smell a little vinegary so might try now with added conditioner.

    • Just back off the vinegar a little Kay, you may regret the conditioner as it ‘greases’ up your towels…or a little washing soda if you have hard water could help….?

    • I fully agree Ruth, I am a great fan of white vinegar for cleaning, its just amazing and I only buy the cheapest I can find and it works well. Must mention that I love “Starts at Sixty” – something for everyone and all very interesting, Thanks a bunch.

  2. I just add a 1/4 cup of white vinegar to my fabric softener dispenser and it comes out beautiful and soft 🙂 just saying

  3. I just use white vinegar….no name.

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