Life hack: Have you been using your saucepan wrong? 18



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You have probably been using your sauce pan wrong. They come with a built-in spoon rest!

Built-in spoon rest

Have you ever done this? Share with us below! 

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  1. Thank you. I never knew this. I just checked and my frying pans have them also. I will certainly use them.

  2. I have just checked my Scan Pans and they do, so now I will remember when cooking to give it a go thanks SAS for another great tip.

  3. Another thi n g I’ve learned. Thanks, obviously never too old tol learn. 😊

  4. No, mine don’t have holes in the handles but SAS, check your grammar. “Have you been using your saucepans incorrectly”

  5. If I believe everything I have been reading I have lived my whole life incorrectly. How did I get to be this age I wonder?

  6. Not an across the board technique as there are different size and shaped pans and utensils, however if your pan does have a hole in the handle you have the opportunity to hang it up. 😉

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