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Have you noticed that your boiled eggs have a tendency to be too hard or too soft? Well we’ve found a trick to make perfectly boiled eggs every time.


  1. Start boiling a pot of water on the stove
  2. Generously add salt to water
  3. Pierce the egg with a tack
  4. Place the egg or eggs in a pot of boiling water
  5. Once the water is boiling, turn the stove off and let the eggs sit for 15 minutes
  6. Prepare a bowl of ice and water
  7. Using a draining spoon, move the eggs into a bowl of ice and water
  8. Leave the eggs in ice bath for 1 minute
  9. Take eggs out and peel the shell off


Tell us, will you try this trick? Has this worked for you before?

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  1. How do you get perfect boiled egg,, not everybody is the same as far as boiled egg ,, myself i put 2 eggs in a pot bring to the boil cook for 4 minutes thats me done,, it all depends how fresh they are,,,, happy boiling,,, ….

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  2. Best way is to have eggs at room temp, boil water, gently lower eggs into water, bring back to boil, boil for exactly ten minutes, remove eggs, run under cold water for a couple of minutes then peel.

  3. I’d like to know how to make the yolk stay in the centre!

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  4. Boiled eggs are so useful, Fred. Salads, sandwiches, curried, meat loaf, so many things. Soft boiled for digestive problems or during illnesses are wonderful. They are an entire meal in one little package, but of course, if you just hate them, that’s fine too! There are foods out there I would never be tempted to eat!

  5. Sin I put the eggs into cold water, add salt, bring to rolling boil for exactly three minutes then immediately plunge into cold water. Leave in very cold water for five minutes and then remove shell. Result lovely firm white and soft slightly runny yoke. Learnt this trick from watching MKR!

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  6. If I’m unsure if my eggs have been on tooo long then I put one on a spoon and count to 10. If the shell has dried before I reach 10 then the egg has boiled.

  7. Looks like to much work , what happened to the so many minutes to cook that’s the only way

  8. boy too long for me……….put egg into cold water (told by chef many years ago) …..boil 5 minutes….put into cold water to stop cooking process….perfect egg every time…

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