Life hack: Easily remove candle wax from carpet 12



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Wax can be difficult to remove from any surface but specifically from carpet. We have done our research and found the best way to have your flooring back to pristine condition.

You will need:

  • ziplock bag
  • ice
  • butter knife
  • Old tea towel
  • Iron


  1. Place the ice in the ziplock bag, seal it shut and lay it on the wax stained carpet.
  2. Scrap as much of the now frozen wax off using a blunt butter knife.
  3. Lay the clean old tea towel over the stain (preferably use one that you don’t made ruining).
  4. Run a warm iron over the tea towel to heat the wax. The tea towel should absorb the wax as it melts. Be careful that the iron does not get too hot, it could burn the carpet.
  5. Repeat step four using different sections of the tea towel to absorb the wax.
  6. Lastly go over the stained area with carpet cleaning to remove any last bits of wax.

Do you have any other tricks for removing difficult stains from carpet? 

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  1. May I suggest that instead of a tea towel, use absorbant kitchen paper. Is absorbs the wax better. Keep going with the iron/paper until no more “oily” spots appear on the paper.

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    • Cherie A Ian Hobday LOL, that’s why I tried the kitchen towel when I ran out of grown paper and found it absorbed better. Had a huge red wax stain, about 6 cm plus drips) from daughter lit scented candles on the carpet without anything underneath them. All better now.

    • Anne Mitchell Yes been there too with 3 daughters lol!
      My mum told me many years ago! After a carols by candlelight night when my kids were babies and I have used it ever since. Now granddaughters in training Lol! paper towel does work well too!

  2. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE LIGHTED CANDLES IN AN OPEN CONTAINER ON THE FLOOR !!!!!! That’s how fires start . There is always chemicals in floor covering .😱😡😡😡😡

  3. STOP just spray with WD40! Remove all wax by hand! Don’t rub! Now spray with WD40 don’t rub! Now take paper towels and pat all the wax out! Repeat DON’T RUB!

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