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Sometimes you need a meal quickly…and so does your partner or grandkids. We’ve all been there, one of us gets to eat while the other waits….but with this ingenious life hack, you can cook two bowls in the microwave at once!

All you need to do is place one bowl in as normal and then put a mug upside down next to it. Place your second bowl on top and watch as they cook in half the time.

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  1. well, not quite. It may be quicker than heating 2 meals individually, but in reality to heat both meals the same you have to increase the heating time by at least 50-75%. You can also buy plastic plate racks to stack your meals too, but these are obviously limited by the internal height of your microwave oven.

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    • You are right. If something takes 5 minutes then if you put another meal in you must increase cooking time till at least 9 minutes.

    • I’d rather wait & then myself being the last to eat does not have an almost cold meal when I finally get to eat it – as there is usually other stuff that the “mum” needs to do before sitting herself!!!!

  2. Have microwave plate stacker from when I purchased the microwave 20 yrs ago. It’s a panasonic convection & as good as the day I bought it & it doesn’t take up any more time or power to cook 2 meals at once. Just had kitchen renovated & was asked whether I was replacing the microwave. When I said “no”, the installer agreed with me saying it was one of the best performers ever made. With just hubby & me now, it’s great as meals ready in half the time. It all depends on the wattage power of your oven too. Mine is 1000W

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