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Do you often spell words wrong? Perhaps you don’t even know you are? Here are 76 of the most commonly misspelled!

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Which of these is your kryptonite? What other words annoy you when they are spelt incorrectly? Tell us below!

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  1. If I don’t spell a word correctly, I spell it wrongly.

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    • You don’t know correct grammar either. So many Americans have no idea how to put words together correctly. For example, Americans say “off of” instead of simply saying the word “off”. One of the worst displays of horrific word use is saying “I mean” when people talk. To keep repeating “I mean”, is saying delete all the previous information I just gave and continue from this point. People who use this phrase should keep their mouth closed until they learn how how to speak and communicate correctly.

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      • Wow Joe, you must find the air up there in perfect land. And really, you need to learn to put your sentences together better if you are going to criticise everyone else.

  2. The great 19th century American novelist Mark Twin once observed, “Anybody who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.” I think that was just his excuse for not having a spell check function on his computer.

  3. Don’t want to sound pedantic, but words are either correct or incorrect..

  4. There are so many more, too, although it may be, through common usage, they will become the norm. I don’t worry too much provided the writer is able to make their point:
    My wife died from the effects of emphysaema (and Spellcheck just tried to misspell that…!!)
    So often nowadays people say orientated for oriented.
    A common one cropped up (for the saddest of reasons) following the Melbourne Cup: Euthanised, rather than euthanased.
    Another regular is geneology for genealogy.
    But when all’s said and done, does it really matter, other than when doing a crossword?

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  5. HATE it when people say “haitch ” instead of “aitch” for the letter ;H .and “marone ” for maroon ,the colour .

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    • In South Africa we has a speech teacher ,most of us were afraid of . However she taught us Phonetics and I find it VERY VERY USEFUL ,when trying to pronounce words .

    • Why do people pronounce maroon as”marone”?…they surely do not pronounce moon as”mone”or spoon as”spone”….! Is this just done in Australia?

  6. Yes especially when spell check is involved. Just this minute left a message for both my son’s explaining tea. Said we were having children instead of chicken. Now my grandkids feel not so safe with nan.

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    • I never rely on spell check. It doesn’t recognise incorrect usage – eg: hips instead of ship – could have a disastrous outcome and change the entire meaning of the trip!! Always read back anything you’ve typed before sending it.

  7. It is not mispellt words that upset me but correct English eg You and I commonly spoken as Me and you

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