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When we’re having a shower, especially when it’s cold, we look up at the shower head. But more often than not, what we’re staring at is a grimy, green and white tinged shower head and not the gleaming stainless steel it used to be.

So if you’ve been wanting to clean off the gunk from your shower head but didn’t know how or didn’t have the time, this one step process will get it off overnight so you won’t have to worry about getting any rusty bits on you. You might even notice that you’ve loosened up some harden bits that were stopping water coming through properly.

Here’s how to do it:

All you have to do is fill the bag with vinegar, place it around the shower head so it’s submerged, and tie it to the neck with a twist tie (or rubber band). Leave it there overnight and in the morning, take it off, give it a wipe over and it’ll look as good as new.

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  1. White vinegar has so many uses I see the supermarkets are now carrying it in the kitchen cleaner shelves.

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    • Yes, but its dearer than the home brand stuff. Go to Aldi for vinegar and bi=carb soda. Does anyone know where you can get larger quantities of bi-carb at a good price??

  2. Ive done this and it works. I did it because the shower was spurting out in all different directions. After doing this it was back to a nice even stream. Has to be white vinegar of course.

  3. White vinegar, water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle …. Use it to clean counter top, bath, basin etc. I’ve stopped using any chemicals and the house is spotless.

  4. Johan Gouws, I do the same thing and I haven’t bought any cleaning products for a long time. Equal parts of vinegar and dishwashing liquid is a perfect cleaner for the shower recess.

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