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Baked-on grease has got to be the most irritating thing in the kitchen. No matter how much you soak or scrub it, it seems to just stay on. But there is one really simple solution that we have found that actually works and won’t cost you a fortune – it practically will cost you nothing at all if you have one kitchen staple handy.

All you need it your glass dish or bakeware and a crumpled ball of aluminium foil.

The trick works just as well for oven racks, and can be used almost anywhere a steel wool pad can be. So if you find yourself without steel wool but have a sink full of baking dishes, give this tip a try.

Simply fill your sink with very hot water and a bit of dish washing liquid. Grab your ball of foil and scrub! It’s that easy.



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  1. I don’t have a problem, I’m just happy to soak for enough time to loosen it all up changing hot soapy water frequently or, as a last resort add a little bleach to the water.

  2. This is a great hint. My problem is I see a great hint but when the need arises for it I can’t remember what it was :S

  3. this site is becoming infuriating to view due to the drop down screen that appears and asks you to sign up to emails EVERY SINGLE TIME despite selecting No Thanks. I dont want emails I am only interested in the facebook feed. it only happens when accessing the site from my android phone. It doesn’t happen when looking at the site on my ipad. To the over 60s team, please fix it.

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  4. MUCH easier fill dish with boiling water and put some bi- carb in it, soak over night and wash out in morning without scrubbing.

  5. I just soak overnight in hot water and a dishwasher tablet. It works like magic.

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    • Me too… The tablets are also good for when you’ve burnt food in a saucepan… but I don’t think you should use them on non stick surfaces…

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