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A lot of people will rely on the date on the egg carton to tell them when their eggs have expired but sometimes they are still edible! Even after reaching the expiry/used by date, there is an easy way to test to see if your eggs are OK.

Gently place raw eggs in a bowl of cold water. If the egg sinks to the bottom, they are OK. However, if it floats, they’ve gone off and need to be discarded.

This happens because over time the liquid inside eggs evaporates through the shell and leaves a gas bubble inside. Therefore the older the egg, the more it floats!



Tell us, have you ever tried this trick? Will you use it?

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  1. If the food is inedible THROW IT! I don’t believe in use by dates ever!
    As far as I am concerned this applies to all food! I am fabulously healthy, I am now 74, I eat all foods even out of date food!

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  2. I thought every man and his dog knew that.

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    • Had a dog once that loved getting into the chook pen and pinchin’ the bloody eggs. free range or not; I doubt he knew the difference. He sure as hell didn’t float ’em before eatin’ em. You are right Wayne. Every man and his dog knows the trick.

  3. Eggs are good for baking with after the use by date, I have my own fowls, put eggs straight in the fridge and rotate so stalest are used first, they last a long time in the fridge.

  4. do this all the time as many years ago, boiled an egg for lunch,cut the top off and cause I had a heavy cold, didn’t smell that it was ”off”,first taste made me gag,

  5. I wonder how many of the younger generation knew to do this? My wife and I use this when in doubt about the freshness of then eggs.

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