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Is your favourite t-shirt feeling a little lacklustre? Is it feeling a little hard, or a little too well worn?

If you’re looking for a way to make your t-shirts feel vintage soft again, then try this handy trick. You won’t believe how incredibly soft your clothes feel after treating them with this home made and environmentally friendly method.

Simply mix one litre of water with a 1/2 cup of salt for each shirt.

Soak your shirts in the mix for three days, then machine wash and tumble dry. You can add a dash of detergent during the washing process for a thorough clean, but opting not to use detergent still works really well.

Your t-shirts should now be store fresh, soft and clean!




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  1. Pity you have to use the dryer what happened to a clothes line. Perhaps the seaguls may find them tasty….

  2. Don’t like tumble dryers – cost an arm and a leg to run – clothes line on a windy day or clothes horse in the house .

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