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Lint rollers only remove lint and hairs from clothes… so what do you do when you have pilling?

Don’t resort to pick the fibres off or throwing it out – next time you notice your clothing pill, you can simply shave the fuzz off with a disposable razor.

Try this super simple trick!

1. Spread the fabric across a flat surface.

2. Pull the fabric taut and then carefully shave the pilling away from the fabric, against the grain. It is important to carefully use the razor around seams, stitches and buttons because it could rip the fabric.


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  1. I’ve been using a razor for about 35 years ever before lint removers were available, WARNING be very careful because if you don’t pull the fabrics tight enough you can end up with a little hole.

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  2. Goodness me! Next you’ll be showing us how to butter bread!

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  3. Tried it and made a hole. Me and anything sharp near clothes is not a good mix. Does work though if you’re not as heavy handed as me.

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