Life hack: 52 week money saving challenge 54



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Saving money, whether you’re good or bad at it, is always challenging – especially when you can’t stop seeing things you’d like to buy. Putting away large sums of money is a hard thing to do, and you might find yourself trying to justify borrowing from that account. Here’s a creative and easy way to save money over the course of 1 year. By week 52, you will have saved $1378 to spend on anything you’d like – talk about motivation!

What you’ll need:

  • Jar
  • Sticky tape
  • Our money saving template


What to do:

Simply print off our money saving template and sticky-tape it to your jar and you’ve got the perfect money making tool! Deposit the stated amounts into the jar every week and tick the box to say you have completed it, and by the end of the year, you’ll have a great deal of spending money right at your fingertips.

Starting small is the key to this method, and we’ll all be trying this one out!



Would you try out this life hack? What are your favourite money saving tips?


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  1. Good grief, if you have gotten this far in life and you have to save this way something is seriously wrong

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    • Wendy, I find your comment offensive to those of us who are willing to try different ways to save for special things. BTW … in Australia we don’t use the word “gotten”

  2. Those people on a pension wouldn’t be able to afford to put over $100 in in the last 2 weeks. Wouldn’t it be easier to just put $27 in every week?

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    • I agree – the last month is heavy!

  3. Hubby has his jar for all his loose change(except gold coins) and every so often I raid it and there’s always about 50 dollars!

  4. I don’t carry more than two each of each variety of coin – the rest gets thrown into a drawer – eventually the drawer gets so heavy I can barely open it. Then I count out carefully in to the bank deposit bags – sometimes two hundred dollars – and I still don’t empty the drawer!

  5. We keep a big jar and put all our loose change in to help with the Electricity bill when it is due. Our son puts all his coins in a jar and cashes it in each Christmas and last time he had about 12 hundred dollars in it and he didn’t even miss all that change.

  6. I ‘Ve done this before When I was younger but mine went up every day like $1 on the first of Jan, $2 on the second and so on until end of month until $31 on the last day. This gets quite challenging at the end of month but comes back easy again on 1st Feb. You end up with about $6,000 at the end of year.Good for young ones trying to save . I am a bit OCD (lol) so it suited me to be so regimented. I never smoked, drank or gambled so I liked the challenge. It would not suit everyone but it makes you try harder to save.

  7. Loose change seems the way to go – don’t think I would bother with this ‘savings’ scheme as the last couple of weeks would be horrendous – especially arriving just before Christmas (if you started this in January to get ready for the ‘festive’ season!)

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