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Independent senator Jacqui Lambie has never been one to filter her language – but her latest words for Governer-General Sir Peter Cosgrove enter a whole new level of passionate anger.

According to the Herald Sun, Senator Lambie accused the Governor-General of either “covering up” or “turning a blind eye” to cases of abuse and rape within the Australian Defence Force.

The argument came up during a debate on veterans affairs. A proposed amendment would have removed any avenue for veterans to appeal compensation claim decisions after they have been made.

Senator Lambie, a former officer of the military police, says she spent years battling the Department of Veterans Affairs for compensation after she was injured. She described the department as a “bloody joke”.

Had she not had other avenues for appeal, she said she would have been “screwed” and “up the ditch”. Senator Lambie says her office is now dealing with 300 cases of mistreatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs, making veterans’ lives “a living bloody hell”.

However, she had far harsher accusations for Sir Peter and New South Wales Governor David Hurley – both of whom had served as chief of the ADF. She claimed neither had brought adequate justice to women in the defence force who suffered “gross abuse”.

While Hurley has given a public apology to those who suffered abuse within the ranks, and a government taskforce is currently investigating these very distressing claims, Senator Lambie did not feel this was enough to bring justice.

“Those crimes were covered up or turned a blind eye to by those in the highest leadership positions in Australia including our national governor-general and our NSW governor,” she said.

Do you believe Senator Lambie’s accusations of a cover-up? Is she justified in using such confronting words? Are we truly just a “sweep it under the rug” nation?

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  1. The Governor- General should do something about Tony Abbott and his Fascist government.

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  2. My son was in the army and he said he never saw any abuse. However he was not impressed with the Department of Career Management. He said that they are just bureaucrats in uniform who had in most cases never seen action and treated diggers like dirt.

  3. Lambie is a bloody idiot.

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    • I watched her talking today, I couldn’t understand one word she said, mumbled, muttered spoke too fast, or forgot her place and had to keep looking down, she was embarrassing.. A chap got up and told her to be careful with her adjectives, they may be a problem. She has a grudge against the Army, & admits it, was in army police, but got kicked out, in trouble for drinking, drugs and not conforming, They sent her to Rehab , Then she supposedly hurt her back , just doing nothing of note. In the end she got nothing, and had to go to court to get for compensation, She could have taken her super ,DFRB etc , but refused. Lambie manages to get around everywhere , on & off planes , her back never seems to stop her. She obviously doesn’t know what a bad back IS Why is this coming up now, I thought this was going on a while ago, WHY didn’t Quentin Bryce have something to say ,she hasn’t been gone that long .& was useless, but of course she was Bills M I L . enough said. Seems most of these problems were left till Libs got in

  4. And we will be paying the salary and expenses for this FOOL and her foolish words for years to come!!! Put her back on welfare…cheaper and quieter!

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    • Yes you sound just like the people who sweep child abuse under the rug!

  5. This woman just shoots her mouth off without knowing much at all. She’s just an attention seeker.

  6. And how many of you calling her a clown or Idiot have been in the Services? I bet none

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