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Ladybugs, lady beetles, ladybirds – whatever you want to call them, these bright red and black critters can be disastrous for your garden or can be your best friend.

While the majority of Australian ladybirds are good for your garden, there are a few that will feast on your plants!

So that’s why it’s important to distinguish the good from the bad. According to the CSIRO, many people get confused between the good species and the bad species. The Epilachna (28-spotted ladybird) is not to be confused with Coccinellini species.

The good ladybirds

The common transverse ladybird


The spotted amber ladybird


The bad ladybirds

The 28-spotted ladybird

The yellow ladybird


These leaf-eating ladybirds can wreak havoc in your garden and love zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers, melons, potato, and tomato.

If you don’t want to squash them, you can put them into a container filled with soapy water.

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