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New Zealand has taken Australia to task for doing the wrong thing by its citizens. In fact, their Prime Minister has issued the Australian government with a blunt warning.

Changes to section 501 of the Immigration Act mean any foreign citizen who fails a character test – which includes criminal convictions – is deported, and we don’t discriminate. Adelaide Now reports 200 New Zealanders are being held in detention centres in Australia facing deportation and another 100 have already been deported.

Prime Minister John Key expressed New Zealand’s anger yesterday at a meeting with Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop in New York, saying afterwards he had been “pretty blunt” with her.

“I said there’s a special relationship between New Zealand and Australia and you challenge that, to a degree, when you see New Zealanders being treated in this way,” he told a NZ radio station.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Key said some of those detained and deported had lived most of their lives in Australia, so sending them back to a country they hardly knew was very unfair and could have tragic repercussions, as in the case of a 23-year-old who killed himself in a detention centre while waiting to be deported. The young man had lived in Australia since he was only four.

New Zealand’s concern was further fuelled by reports new figures show that in just under one year, New Zealanders have gone from close to the bottom of the deportation list to second from the top, beaten only by Iranians.

Mr Key plans to take the issue up with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull when he next meets with him.

Despite our close relationship with New Zealand, the Australian government has so far refused to treat New Zealanders any differently from the citizens of any other country.


Heartless or fair? Do you think Australia should make an exception for New Zealanders who have lived here for a long time or treat them like the citizens of any other country?


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  1. One must respect the laws of any country that they are in. Why should kiwis be any different?

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    • In the case of the young Tongan who was 4 yrs old when he came to Oz, educated here, worked and paid his taxes here and apparently only one conviction.why would you send him back to NZ. Doesn’t know the country.i thought that new laws bought In didn’t apply to previous years. Australia wouldn’t know how many people have lived here for years from other countries and never become a citizen. Had this person become a citizen, would he have had full protection from oz.

    • Thank you Bill that is it in a nutshell. There are too many people commenting here about their rights and what Aussies do or don’t do and it certainly isn’t a racial debate. DO THE CRIME AND YOU CANT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES.

    • Crime committed, deport the perpetrator… No discrimination!

  2. If you don’t do the crime you won’t have to do the time. Every action has a reaction, there are consequences when you commit a crime so suck it up.

  3. If they are criminals send them back, we have enough of our own to deal with.

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    • Hahahaha…Then why are you here…Yous were bought over as British Convicts…DooshBag…

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      • Y Yes you are right, and where did they send them, to New Zealand !!!! So the ones they are trying to deport as New Zealanders, there anciesters could have come from Austalia in the first place. Go Figure.

  4. Do you really think we need to be sending them to detention centres?.If they break the law , deport them , too easy

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    • The article says the character test may include criminal conviction, I want to know what other criteria do they use to determine character.

    • Probably keeping them in detention centres while they sort out the paperwork. Don’t want to lose them in the Australian community. Might be hard to find them when they want to deport them.

    • Some of them have been in detention centres for six months! That’s a lot of paperwork or can they just not be bothered, unfortunately Kiwi’s are regarded as 2nd class citizen’s in Australia and a lot can’t get citizenship, Australian’s in NZ can get student loans, access to benefits none of which Kiwi’s can get over there.
      Some of these people have never lived in NZ they were born to Kiwi’s living in Oz.
      I think the problem is the double standard, if you’re a refugee you get all soon help and benefits even if you’re not paying any tax while a Kiwi who is gets nothing but is taxed the same as anyone else

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      • Thank you Murray Chapman, just as you say and most of us that are here, work hard pay tax and just want to enjoy life with out bothering any one else, just treat us like we treat the Australians living in NZ, that is all we ask

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        • Australian’s know Oz is such a great place ….. If you’re not born here, take up our Citizenship… Otherwise you’re at the mercy of our laws if you choose to break them
          . Deportation for law breakers.. No discrimination.

    • They are in detention centres because they are exhausting every opportunity to appeal the orders. It’s got nothing to do with paper work but all to do about Lawyers.

    • No Harriet, they’re in detention centres because even though they have served their time the Govt is looking at their case and deciding what to do, they don’t have access to legal services, from here it seems very similar to what the Germans did that’s why Kiwi’s are upset! I agree with do the crime serve the time but some of these people have never lived in NZ they have no support network it would be like deporting you to Iraq because that’s where your parents came from even if you had never been there

  5. I feel they should go back why should australia keep them No many work

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    • That’s rubbish Janet kiwis these days don’t and can’t come here and go on the dole and haven’t been able to for many many years , they come here to work and they do…they have to prove they can support themselves and family, so there , unlike others that come here and don’t work a day in their lives…do your homework on who comes here with their families take extra wives breed like there’s no tomorrow and all with the consent of you tax payers haha.

  6. I think it is wrong for any country to involve themselves in Australia’s security issues, if these people have been convicted of crime and deportation is the law here then the NZ PM should stay out of it, our country our laws.

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    • they are putting them on Christmas Island at a cost of $2000 a day per person to taxpayers, why are they not deporting them straight away?

  7. What about the ones who have been in the Australian system since they were small children? Should they be deported to NZ?

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    • If their not Australian Citizens, they had plenty of opportunity to take out Citizenship.

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      • How come he has lived in oz and no officials have ever questioned whether he should become a citizen, I know he has a responsibility.

    • It seems harsh, but they’ve done it to other nationals, sent them back to countries where they can’t even speak the language.

    • Hey dont remind them otherwise there will be an influx of auzzies to NZ ,and we dont want them either

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      • NZ nice place for a holiday… Never want to live there! Case in point with the number of Kiwi’s living here in Oz. Australia needs to tighten restrictions. NZ PM needs to keep his nose. out of USTRALIA’s affairs.

  8. Well, if they had half a brain they would become residents when they turn 18. If that person committed suicide he would have done it anyway. As they say ‘do the crime, expect the fine” He can do the same thing and send all our criminals back. But wait, there are probably more Kiwis living here than in NZ.

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    • Wendy a very narrow and unfortunately typical view, all we are asking for is to be treated the same as Australian’s are treated here, most Kiwi’s add to the country

    • Are you an Australian resident? If not why should you be treated the same as Australians. Also you should remember that if your child is born in this country it is not classed as an Australian. Better get you life in order if you want to be able to vote, get a pension etc

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      • Ha Wendy, wrong Aussie’s living in NZ can get a pension the same as kiwis living here can, as long as you have worked in both,either country and paid taxes! NZ is far more accommodating to Aussie’s, than Aussie’s are the the kiwis their nearest neighbor that fought side by side in many conflicts.

    • Yeah but the Aussies are happy to take the taxes off the Kiwis. You are a narrow minded moron Wendy Biden

    • N.Z. will give you all benefits. What a narrow minded person you are Wendy. I am Aussie Citizen and you have absolutely no idea how hard it is for a kiwi to get citizenship. However, you jump a plane you will get all NZ benefits. What an unbelievable comment.

    • Its you with your head in the sand Barry. Just saying,bloody near impossible for decent kiwis to get citizenship. Obviously you have no ideas of the rulse and I am Ozzie, with kiwi family.

    • If you are married to a kiwi Pam why can’t they get citizenship. If things are so great in NZ what on earth are you doing in Australia. Why don’t you go back there if the conditions are so great?

    • Sorry Susan I am old and cannot read whatever nonsense you have found to put on this site. I have kiwi friends and they have all become australian esidents so can reap the same rewards as me. In saying that they are single and can get a full pension. I am married and my husband still works and I can’t get anything. That my dear, is discrimination as far as I am concerned.

    • No I just don’t like kiwis coming over whinging about everything. As the saying goes ” if you don’t like it go back where you came from” who invited you anyway. You only come here because you can get work which as your fellow kiwis say are non existent in your country.

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      • Hey Wendy, what about all the Auzzies that came out as British convicts, have you checked your family history ???

    • Wendy Biden I commented earlier I am Australian and of pension age but do you think I can get a full Australian pension …oh no… guess who pays the balance The Kiwi Government thats who… so dont tell me about fair go…. Aussies are treated well in NZ which is more than can be said for the reverse here…

    • Send the criminals back to New Zealand by all means but why lock them up in detention centres for months. Just put them on a plane and send them home.

    • You are lucky you can a pension. I can’t as my husband still works. I hope you enjoy your your bit. If I were in govt and you wanted to live offshore you wouldn’t get a pension. Why should we send our money to other countries. As people have said on this page it is not your given right to receive a pension

    • My husband and I have a trucking business. We do not employ kiwis as they are unreliable. They don’t turn up. They ring in sick ten minutes before they have to pick up truck. They can’t handle the humidity. I could go on. I have friends who are kiwis. I just don’t work with them.

    • You can’t get a pension because your husband works… that’s your government’s policy/fault. .don’t take your problems out on kiwis.

    • Years ago when we spent some time over the ditch My husband drove trucks from Melbourne to Perth. He never missed a days work..treated the truck like it was his own. His employer loved him ..and the other kiwi drivers on the road. Maybe you’re the problem..given your obvious dislike for and attitude towards kiwis. .probably treated your kiwi drivers like shit. I wonder…did you pay their superannuation? . Seems you display abject ignorance regarding ..a kiwis legal rights to their superannuation

  9. Keep your criminals in New Zealand why should Australia have to keep them if you don’t want them, we already have ample dick heads of our own here that we have to deal with. I am all for DEPORTATION of anybody that offends in our country, if you have to resort to criminal activity after you come here we do not want you here. Kiwi PM suck it up and stop throwing a tantrum , how many Australians are currently sitting in a Kiwi prison, you also have the option of deportation if there are any in your country.

  10. If they break the law, just like any other person from a different country, they should be sent home. Once the guilt is proven, it should happen immediately. I can’t see the purpose in detention centers in this instance. have seen, on border control, kiwis refused entry into Australia because of criminal records, so why should those here get away with committing crimes, and I don’t mean speeding tickets or parking fines. I mean serious crimes.

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