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Online shopping is becoming more and more popular as we search for better prices and convenience versus the sub-par service we receive in store. But now, could our want for a bargain and more variety be coming back to bite us?

Joe Hockey believes that because consumers have changed their shopping habits so much in recent years i.e. by shopping online, they need to understand that this is pressuring the GST to ris. Products bought online from overseas are generally GST-exempt and Mr Hockey thinks it’s high time to change that.

The GST was a controversial measure, introduced in 2000 by John Howard despite his claims that he would “never ever introduce the GST”.

The Age reports that in Washington next month, Mr Hockey will tell foreign companies to charge GST when they sell goods to Australians. Yesterday the Treasurer said, “Australian consumers are marching, and they’re choosing this and we can’t regulate Australian consumers’ behaviour to say, ‘Look, you’re not allowed to buy online, you’re not allowed to buy something over the internet and get the package delivered'”.

He explicitly said he wants to find a way for us to be charged GST on overseas online purchases. But is that really fair? Is it a stretch of the bow to say that soon he might try to tax us while we’re on holidays?

According to Cassandra Goldie, chief executive of the Australian Council of Social Service, said she hoped the Abbott government would not use GST reform as a quick-fix way to boost revenue and it would hit the poorest if it was increased.

What do you think? Do you think online shoppers should pay GST? Is this the beginning of something much bigger? Tell us below.

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  1. Good Luck with him on that especially from oversea’s websites, he is going to be asking people in another country to be unpaid tax collectors for our country, if they bring it in locally I will just buy from the many oversea’s sellers there are, and I suspect so will everyone else

  2. The GST WAS ALWAYS going to go UP despite Phoneys little theatrical act of it been “dead,buried,cremated” the liar was and is still playing word games and bully jo has not one ounce of compassion or decency in him and will expand the gst to cover things that will affect every aspect of our lives and then smirk..keep your receipts for a few weeks and see just how much we’re paying already THEN ADD what will probably be 10 to 20% plus the extra things that will now have gst added..all i can say is “god forgive you Australia you know not what you’ve done”

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    • God is not a respector of MAN. Why would he be… The most ungrateful ,greedy. Selfish , inconsiderate, egotistical ,careless, spiteful, buck chucking, beings on the planet…….

    • GST will only go up if Labour wants it to go up. Labour always raises and creates new taxes. Keep voting Labour and you will always be poor.

    • Cost if living is already too high for a lot of people. Every time you go into Woolworths or Coles you see the difference in the prices and they can go up not just by a few cents sometimes 50 cents in one hike.

  3. its there way of paying for more trips & foreign cars ; i e $ 40,000 on travel for Hockey plus a year & Abbott on 6 B M Ws $ 6 million i think so we have to pay for there little joy rides THEY are the people who would say LET THEM EAT CAKE

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  4. I am sure customs can add this GST. I remember buying something from the UK before GST had been brought in. Because the cost of the goods was higher than allowed, I was hit with some sort of tax by customs. So it could be done this way.

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    • do you buy online? they would have to put on a lot more staff and I can’t see this Government doing that, they would also have to open every parcel and evaluate the good..I would not be happy with that..I doubt anyone would..they lose parcels as it is

    • I used to occasionally buy babies clothes and other items from the UK and remember having to sometimes pay a tax before I could take possession of it. Never understood the randomness of what got taxed and what didn’t.

  5. Stop making excuses for why its going up Hockey. We are not stupid. I knew as soon as you got in you would blow everything in your favour, thats why I didnt vote for you. Now we are paying for it.

  6. On the news this morning..the ALP and The Liberal government are going to do something about these high superannuation account holders..Good..did you know you can own a $10 million house and have a $1million in investments and still get a part pension.. hit these people hard and leave the poor alone

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  7. Doesn’t matter who in power no one will like them… The country is in very bad financial shape, both parties have had a hand in it……we will always complain about budgets and treasurers… I for one complain about the taxation department cold heartless depressing mongrels. We pay tax on enough now, business tax, income tax, commodity tax putting it up will put a lot of us out of business, and a lot out of jobs. Just look at every day house holds. Electricity, land rates, water, gas , food, cars, fuel. And regos, Maintenance ,repairs.. All gone up and up and up…. And about to go up again.. No wonder more than half the population are on anti depressants.

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    • The tax officers just administer the law, most of the time they have no discretion to go easy or turn a blind eye. Blame the politicians they come up with the laws. Since we’ve been retired most of the financial worries we’ve had are due to changing super rules, great hikes in Council rates, government charges and, now private health. How the heck we are supposed to go out and spend to help stimulate the economy I have no idea. More little luxuries fall by the wayside and it comes down to basics.

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