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Jacqui Lambie has quit the Palmer United Party just hours after Palmer accused her of joining the party to infiltrate his new party and “blow it up”.  It caps off an ugly couple of weeks in Parliament and the public eye as they have traded humiliating statements with each other via the media.  It leaves Clive Palmer with just one representative in the House of Reps, himself and two representatives in the Senate.

Lambie made the announcement to the Senate this morning, apologising to her home state of Tasmania for uncertainty.  Having resigned immediately, she has indicated that she is now prepared to negotiate with the government over the scaling back of the renewable energy targets which PUP has been working hard to block.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Senator Lambie said she would “never vote” for the government’s proposed changes to higher education fees or for a GP co-payment.

Lambie said on radio this morning that she was getting her house in order over the weekend to make a decision.

“When you have somebody very powerful who has a lot of money you have to cover all your bases and make sure if they’re going to come at you for whatever reason you have everything covered,” she said.

Do you think Lambie has made the right move?  What do you think this will do for the Australian Parliament over coming months? 

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  1. She thinks she is the most important senator.

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    • I heard her say that other politicians could come and see about various legislations. Nothing about her having the manners and going to see them! So if they don’t come running to her bidding, she won’t know what’s being legislated. Smart political workings, I don’t think!

      She also said that if Tony Abbott corrected the ADF pay dispute he would be a better PM. So that equates to “do as I say, and you’re a better PM” OMG!

    • Interesting that all of you tearing Jackie Lambie down and calling her names seem to forget that this split with PUP was caused by her wanting to stand up for the servicepeople of this country who deserve a bigger pay rise than the paltry amount being offered them. Yet all of you were carrying on about ‘flag burning’ last week and how much the armed forces mean to you.

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      • I think she has delusions of importance….as a commentator said the other day she is mad and Clive is madder!!!

      • why should the Defence Force get a bigger pay rise????they get many benefits nobody else gets.Haircuts Dental Doctor Maternity Leave paid to play sport…..Plus they can retire after 20 years service….I am sure the Farmers who are battling to stay alive let alone pay their bills would be glad of ANY pay rise

  2. How does she get to stay in the Senate (with her large salary), when she was not elected as an Independent, but as a member of PUP. The Senate really is a liability to the citizens who pay its way. It is bad enough that so few votes can get you elected, but to then change your mind once you get elected is an abomination.

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    • she was however still elected by tasmanians,by the way,I am neither for or against either clive or jacqui,they amuse my but they are wasting the change to make a difference

    • And she used Clive to the hilt! She always wanted to be an independent but couldn’t afford the advertising. Clive paid over $600,000 for her campaign and this is the thanks he gets. He should ask her to return it.

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      • the same money he used to funnel from his mining partners in the east? Clive is as corrupt as the lieberals from NSW. I don’t know why he split he makes a good pair with abbott the wedding rorter. Too bad the members of pup couldn’t see his true intentions earlier, it’s obvious from the mining tax, carbon emissions scheme and direct action that Clive was in it for himself.

    • Clive can’t as for the return of the money , she was not under contract to him and she mortgaged her own house to run as well

    • This useless female should quit politics ASAP – strange how the voting system has changed ………

    • Sorry Katie, Senators are elected to represent a “state” not a political party or group. The senate process has been prostituted by the parties, but; Jacqui represents a return to the future of a strong, independent house of review. More power to her elbow and a pox on both major parties.

    • She no doubt gets to stay there the same way every other “independant” has stayed there in the past.

    • An “abomination?”… gee, I would hate to think what you would call someone who actually did something really bad!

    • So the others are any better. She has the intestinal fortitude to speak her mind in encumbered by party lines. Good for her.

    • She represents her State and I recall it wasn’t that long ago when we had a government which had to negotiate with all independents to get bills passed, and it worked out fairly well. Look you guys, I said fairly well. So don’t get on your high horses!

    • Especially when you consider that she was elected on 1500 votes!!! The whole electoral system needs to be evaluated- why does Tasmania with its minimal population get to have the same number of Senators as Victoria or NSW?? I know that it is set down in the Constitution, but it should still be proportional representation. In fact, I think that the Senate should be abolished.

  3. How does this brainless woman get to hold sway in our Senate – we need to get rid of the Senate all together as they are nothing but Trailer Trash ……

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