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Well, dear fellow footy watchers,

My family and friends are all selecting their clothes to wear to the semi finals, preliminary final and Grand Final of the NRL. I have my very old Penrith Panthers jersey ready this year as my team the Eels did not make it to the semi finals.
I know this an exciting and serious time for the teams, coaches and clubs; there are quite a few injuries among the players and some teams are not at full strength. Although on the day, I know that the teams will play the best game of footy that they can, as it is a time that all players look forward to all season.

My partner Deane played rugby league in his ‘hey day’ and loves the sport with a passion. He knows all of the players’ names, strengths and weaknesses; he often comments about the way the players respond well with old and new coaches. He never misses watching a game: even this last week while he was struggling to breathe in hospital, the first thing he asked for was a television to watch the games. He has emphysema and is on oxygen 24 hours a day with heaps of medication. Then he also developed pneumonia, so his doctor hospitalised him over a week ago. He may be coming home today as the hospital doctors and nurses have done well; they treated his pneumonia. Deane will still need lots of nursing at home, so I will need to ‘play nurse’ through this trying time for him.

I was going to get Deane to write an introduction to the finals for Starts at 60, because he is very knowledgeable on his footy. Although, with him unwell you are left with me to write the introduction so here is how I see the footy playing out over the next couple of weeks. I am not up with the rules of the game so I will give my version of how I see the forthcoming games being played out:

– The Sea Eagles are sitting in the semi final position waiting to devour the Bulldogs after they swoop and peck them into a thousand pieces.
– The Roosters will await the Cowboys in their semi final; crowing as they are known to do, although the Cowboys run out on the field with all six shooters blazing, feathers flying, until the last Rooster crows his final cock-a-doodle-do.
– In the preliminary final, the exhausted Sea Eagles play the fresh, well-trained young Panthers team, led by Jamie Soward, so the Panthers will play hard and fast as panthers are known to do, so they will win.
– The Cowboys will take on the fresh Bunnies in the preliminary final and as we all know a fresh bunny is always a winner, they also know how to jump the Cowboys’ bullets, so the Rabbitohs will win.
– Then on Grand Final day, the Panthers will rip open the Bunnies; entrails flying and win the Grand Final.

Have fun and good luck with all of your teams – I was only joking with my introduction above. My Parramatta Eels slipped out early flying out aboard the ‘Hayne Plane’ and I am a sore loser.
The Panthers are my partner Deane’s team and as Deane is sick in hospital and the Eels are out of the game, for a bit of fun I now forecast his team to win.

Go Penrith Panthers.

Enjoy your footy everyone,




Are you an NRL footy fan? Or do you prefer AFL? Who’s your favourite team? And who do you think will win the finals? Tell us below!

Sylvia Harvie

My Name is Sylvia Harvie I have not been posting on Starts at 60 very often since my Deane died in September last year. I moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast this year after our home was sold and the proceeds distributed to all beneficiaries. I am still settling into my little cottage in the over 50's village in Carrara. I have now set up my computer, I was about to edit both the books that I wrote in the years that Deane was dying, I wrote to hold on to some semblance of sanity during the worst time of my life. – I did not do a very good job grammatically on them and now would be an exciting time to edit them as circumstances that I wrote about in both of my books has changed. Firstly, Awareness and action on domestic violence is wider spread. Domestic Violence was what my first book MOVE FORWARD addressed. Editing and research for the edit may be a way for me to go forward. My daughter Lindy says ‘It does not matter what speed you are doing, Forward is Forward.’ Lindy has been very helpful encouraging me to address my health problems, which I did at her insistence. Now she supports my choice of getting back to writing, Lindy flew up here from Sydney and drove me to Spec Savers at Robina last weekend. She also, bought me a book to read with my new glasses, which were ready for me to pick up on Friday, I did this and they make reading a pleasure once more. I also need to edit my book HAUNTING AT THE BEACH this will be much easier to edit as this is my 'fun book' makes you laugh and cry this is why I want it to be worthy of a read, I wrote this for people to enjoy. I wrote it in November 2014 for the National Novel Writing in November where our aim was to write 50,000 words in 30 days all the while building your characters it was great fun and took my focus off what was happening to us. Us being Deane and I who promised never to leave each other, ever! Yes, 'you can fall in love with Vera and Anthony.' I did as I wrote it, if you do not, at least you will know how to build a Casino. Until I retired, my only published story was a short story published in a book of short stories, called Generation Inspiration in 1999. Later in my life, I was working with the people who helped victims in crisis; I met many victims of domestic violence and witnessed the recovery path to moving forward from violence with programs of help in that field. I spent two years researching and then writing, MOVE FORWARD. It was something I had wanted to write about for a major part of my life, while researching about what makes the people responsible for this type of antisocial behaviour hurt the people that they loved. I always knew I would write 'that book.' I did write it and had it published. In August, 2013, I should have waited until now to publish it but Deane who was dying wanted to see it published, It was published (warts and all) and dedicated to Deane. Now I believe I am ready to write my books again. Maybe one day I will be ready to write our Journal which we both wrote in everyday after Deane required the 24 hour a day care only a nursing home could provide.

  1. Good luck, Sylvia.
    I hope things go well for Deane and his team. Being an AFL type, I can tell you (because we both know about spouses with emphysaema, and I know you’ll hold it in confidence, won’t tell anyone else!) that my wife Marie was a Collingwood supporter. Have to be careful who knows something like that!
    Thinking of you

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