It’s official: Baby boomers’ living standards are below the rest of society 314



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It’s something many of us already knew or perhaps suspected but now we have evidence that proves that us older generation really are doing it the toughest in Australia.

New research has shown that younger people aged between 18 to 35 have seen their living standards grow more strongly than older generations.

The SAS and National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling Household Budget Report looks at the standard of living for a range of different household types by measuring various costs less expenses and it found Australia’s living standards have continued to increase.

With this in mind, the cost of living could increase if NSW Premier Mike Baird’s proposal to raise the GST to 15 per cent is passed.

According to NATSEM’s Ben Phillips, based on a measurement of disposable income, the younger generation has a much higher living standard.

But why? It may be because of higher education, more females in the workforce, and delaying children.

Under-35s’ household have had an 58.4 per cent increase of living standards over the last 25 years, however living standards for the 65-plus group were significantly lower.

“Income growth is very slow but living standards continue to push higher thanks to living costs unchanged through the quarter and only growing by 0.7 per cent through the year to March,” Mr Phillips said.

“Prices are generally very subdued and this is particularly helped by low interest rates and petrol prices.”

The SAS NATSEM report also showed how average Australian household living standards vary in each state.

People living in NT were better off this year, with $3,535 more in their pocket. Those in the ACT were worse off by $697.

Across the country, the price increases were due to education, health and food.


Tell us, do you feel you have a quality standard of living? Or could it be better? How so? What should the government do?

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  1. If your in a Labor State They most certainly ripped you off.Seems to me that if you are a member of the Labor party things like this are too trivial, you all go for the big amounts, like Craig Thomson, Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, Kevin Rudd. Jay Weatheral, Sara Hansen Young, Martin Hamilton Smith. Where was the outrage from your colleagues (ALP) when hundreds of thousands of dollars was being stolen from union members? Different strokes! These people need to pay out of their own pocket not the publics. Sara Hanson Young spent her holidays in the Mediterranean Pretending to care for Boat people. She has no duty and must pay a big fine and all the money returned, then sacked.

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    • bloody rubbish it was this Abbot Government who tried to cut the CPI rise and I am in a Liberal state and Baird is going to court to make sure we pay more for electricity..the sooner we get rid of the lot of these Liberals right around the country the better for all of us

    • come on now Neil the Queen of mean has left her broomstick and taken to the air in a helicopter..there are no bigger rorters than the Liberals

    • Neil don’t be a liebil and try to blame Labor for everything ,it is not going to work anymore the LPN HAVE shown their TRUE COLOURS

    • Neil,
      try to read something a bit more intellectually stimulating than the Daily Telegraph and you may get some real world facts. If you dont know what your talking about dont comment you just embarrass your family. Unfortunately you vote hence why we get the Governments we have.

    • Neil Schulz how do you feel about Bronwyn Bishops’helicopter ride and abuse of her entitlements? Not to mention Tony Abbott’s and George Brandis abuse of entitlements. They were able to pay it back without penalty. But Peter Slipper wasn’t given that opportunity. Are you seriously saying that only the ALP do the wrong thing?? They all do and there should be a Federal ICAC set up. And as for Bill Shorten don’t believe what you read in the the Murdoch press as they support our current Fascist Govt. Do you really think Bill Shorten would still be leader of the ALP if Abbott could find some dirt on him. Give me a break. Abbott destroyed Craig Thompson, Peter Slipper and was responsible for putting Pauline Hanson in gaol. Abbott has done his best to destroy Shorten with the RC into Unions but hasn’t got too far. Duh I wonder why??? Shorten has nothing to answer for so unfortunately you will have to deal with it and keep reading your Murdoch papers if that’s what makes you happy.

  2. What’s a living standard, we have food in the fridge a roof over our heads and each other. My life is pretty good.

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    • Peter, it’s all about expectations and whether you expect to look after yourself or rely on government or someone else to do it.

    • Peter Hayward.. Sounds like you are one of the fortunate ones who has good health? Our funds are drained by private health and medicare does not cover most specialist fees.
      I have cared for both my parents with the help of my husband over a period from 1987 to 2004.. They were both high care.. I would do it again but it was tiring and plays a toll on your health with some nights of one hours sleep
      Both my husband and I have health issues it was not our fault that we were born with health issues.. I love life.. Yes you are one of the lucky ones.. Wait until the tide turns !!

    • You are right there, however you had to scrimp and save to get there without complaining.

    • Yes we did Vic and although we live on the pension we live it one day at a time and make the most of the time we have left.

    • It was not luck I am sure a lot of people lived as if there was no tomorrow. Te opportunities were there for everyone. It’s a free country.

  3. This is a fact, most of us never got super unless employed in a government job, women particularly never had super. We worked many jobs, built a house, so got a mortgage at 21, had kids etc, made do, worked our way up, no holidays, not many outings. Most of us were working from 14-16 full time

    24 REPLY
    • You are right lot of people lumped 100 kilo super bags and seed in to the seeder ,drove a tractor for an hr and reloade in the middle of the night Temp 2 deg. No cabin no seat like they have today. No wonder every bone in my body is stuffed.

    • This is where I fit in, no super but I worked in between having children. Widowed young. Retrained. Now still working at 69 part time 56 hrs a fortnight.

    • And, single women were discriminated against in that they weren’t able to get a housing loan. Plus wages for women have always been lower.

    • I remember when I arrived in ozz going with my husband to get a mortgage(wed owned a home in uk) I was stunned when the chsp said im sorry we can only take a third of your wages(I earned more than hubby) I asked why? he said u r fecund hu? you can have children. I wanted to lean over yhr desk and smack his face I was ashamed I wanted to go back asap. 35years later im still here. But nothing much has changed women still come after the dog and ute

    • Joyce Schubert they want everything new, start at the top, travel, put off having kids until too old. Then complain they can’t afford a house, etc

    • Made to resign from the public service when marrying, so little Super. comparative to today’s lot. Your comments are spot on.

    • Super was around at the turn of the 20th century. US companies often provided annuities and private health insurance. My dad had it. Please don’t generalise about my generation

    • Narelle Warren we are talking about Australians, not Americans. Super did not become compulsory in Australia till the 1990’s

    • I worked for the Qld Govt in the 60’s and early 70’s and I did not get super, women were not entitled to it then, and you had to resign when you got married

    • Many BB and pre worked in jobs with annuities in Australia from the 20s. My paternal grandparents were born in the 1890s, my maternal granparents during the Depression, my father during WW2 and my mother is a BB. I know the stories. I am Gen X and I worked in superannuation. Please don’t manipulate the facts

    • Narelle
      I worked in the public service in Canberra from 1966 and was NOT offered superannuation until the mid 70’s. You had to be a permanent employee to get superannuation.
      So US companies may have offered it to their employees but back then, the vast majority of companies in Australia were Australian owned companies.

    • I had superannuation. Early 80s. So did my husband. We left melb. In 1986 and was able to cash in Our super then. Got about 60.000 between us. We owned our 1st home. When in our early 30s. I only had l child so l was able to work. We bought our 2nd home for cash. $90.000. On the gold coast. 29 yrs later still in it. I suppose we are a bit lucky. But l have worked most of my life. 1st job @ 15. Am 72 now. I worked till l was 68. Asset rich cash poor. We manage. Have had a couple of overseas trips when younger.

    • Rubbish Ruth. My father worked for Dulux on the shop floor and had an annuity and PH Insurance. In the 70s. There are many US companies in AU and AU companies did this too. Public service have their own perks. You were offered super in the 70s. My mother was the same as yourself and worked at 15, my father at 12.
      Super is not compulsory today in the true sense ie not all workers are entitled due to pay/hours.
      I studied/worked in super and public service. And studied demographics. The BB grew up in an affluent time as the nostalgia pages state. There is judgement about having children that aren’t afforded today, but as complained about here, BB brought up children on 1 wage etc etc.

    • Narelle Warren
      Are you calling me a liar. I can prove where I worked and what I had entitlements to.
      You are a troll who has come onto this site to cause trouble.
      You have no idea of what we did back then as you were not even born.

    • Narelle I see what u r saying but not all people worked in offices I worked in restaurants so I was never offered super and America is different to Australia I now work in mental health and disability sector and have accrued a little super but at the back end if my life.

    • Carol my father was a factory worker for Dulux. US company in Melbourne.

      Ruth, I studied/worked in super and government and know what the entitlements were. The public service has its own entitlements.
      Your choicf to take it personally. I have more life experience than some twice my age. And I have studied history, my family tree etc. I am well aware of what went on. This page is demographic study open to all. Not all here are 60+

    • i had no super until a few years ago most of that went on admin cost started work at age 13 part time day i turned 15 had to leave school to work in full time housekeeper babysiter when i still a baby myself

  4. I am doing quite well. I wouldent say no if someone upped my pension but I seem to manage very well with what I have.
    I dont feel poor, but thats just the way I was brought up. My mother was a very proud woman.
    I have a home I love and feel secure and comfortable in it.Thank You Australia!

    2 REPLY
    • I agree with you also Philomena. We make do with what we have. Life is very good when health is not an issue. There are so many things to do in the community that are free or cost little.

  5. Dont worry it happens in nz as well winz they pay u x amount dollars forthnight u budget as u have to but prices keep increaseing with inflationrates bobbing around you cant keep up with it,,,fore example ,,,,i bought the same lot off groceries fore each forthnight and the pricesranged between 40,,,,2 60,,, dollars so they,,winz like to keep you poor or on the breadline …….

  6. Why would that be surprising? If you only have the pension to rely on, you always behind the 8 ball and self funded are doing it tough with low interest rates

  7. it certainly comes as no shock for me, my wife and I on a part pension and at the moment with her illness and rising costs, life is a struggle

  8. That is for certain and this government couldn!t careless, They are bunch mongrels, All the scumbags were born born with a silver spoon in their gobs.

    16 REPLY
    • Not all the ones I know. And they are well and truly overpaid and all the benifits they get. You tell me what working class get the enormous pensions these parasites get, Instead of wanting to increase the GST. Take $10,000 of each politicians wages and we would be in the black,

    • Well the other lot did sod all either. Labour mps have never worked a day in their luves school uni mps office in fulness of time maybe a job as a sec to an mp in canberra and finally a seat. The days of MY labor party where your MP had actually worked in a factory or been in normal employment went years ago.

    • I was born pre depresson – left school aged 13 yrs ( 1939 ) then worked in a factory for 20 yrs marriage

    • Come Suzanne, Doesn!t make a difference what party they are ,None of them have done an honest days work in their life.

    • Brian half of the labor party went to private schools went after uni to uk uni Oxford Cambridge. Never did adays manual work in their life and some of them parents didn’t either. We seem to be blinded by the word labor oh they have to be for us the worker’s. Maybe in the distant past but not for the last 20 yrs. Labor 17% interest on mortgage 11%unemployed Reintroduction of fees for UNIVERSITY sell off of Telstra Com Bank unless you lived it as an adult and a labor voter you’ve no idea. Voted labor all my life tii Keating the Badtard who gave us the recession we had to have !!!

      1 REPLY
      • Suzanne Curphey you are joking aren’t you??are you changing history to suit yourself?? Do some research and see who sold us out by selling all our assets like Telstra, the Commonwealth Bank, all our gold reserves, our airports and ports. It was the Howard Liberal Govt who sold all our assets including all of the above so get your facts right before you sprout misinformation. That’s why we’re in trouble now- no assets to bring in the money so the Libs have decided to cut pensions and anything else they can cut for low income families. Mustn’t touch the rich though. Now Abbott wants to increase the GST, about the only promise he hasn’t broken to date now that’s going out the window as well.

    • And you really think Abbott and hockey are going to make a difference,They probably will if you live in the big end of town,

    • Added to the above: as an old age pensioners living in a modest 2 bedroom weatherboard home, I consider we are better off than the younger generations who are now unable to buy a home of their own.

    • Shirley, the problem is to day they have to have the most upto date and moderm homes and furniture and its all got to be new.

    • Our house was nearly 28 years old when we bought it, But it keeps us dry and warm and I don!t have to impress people.

    • The Rudd / Gillard government did care Graeme …… aged pensioners got a huge increase when they were in power. Lucky they did, as many would be in dire straits now.

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