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Aussies love their desserts but we have to say this one takes the cake… literally!

Created by Cakes by Colleen on the Gold Coast, this incredible Australia Day-themed cake has been a winner online since a Reddit user posted it.

The awesome creation is essentially four cakes in one and is decorated with detailed fondant icing.

The base of the cake is decorated as a traditional Aussie BBQ, with the Australian flag design wrapped around and even some prawns on top.

The next layer is a jar of Vegemite, with a meat pie dripping with sauce perched on top. The final top layer is a large lamington – an Aussie Day fave.

Cakes by Colleen had a competition running at the Gold Coast Food & Wine Expo to win the cake, valued at $550, and a lucky winner was named.

Take a look at the pic and tell us: what’s the best cake you’ve ever made?

All Edible Australia Day Themed Cake celebrating all things iconic in Australia.

Posted by All Styles Catering on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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  1. Unless people from overseas are shown how to truly use Vegemite in a meal, I wouldn’t bring Vegemite into the picture. Australians do not eat Vegemite by the spoonful – no wonder overseas people do not like the product. Personally, I prefer Marmite.

  2. When I first read it, I couldn’t imagine Vegemite in a cake, but encased in a Jar, unconventional and I’ll take the Lamington

  3. Meat pie doesn’t look as real as the vegemite and lamington. However I’m hardly the person to comment as even though my cakes turn out fine, cant seem to master the icing.

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