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This powerful proposal from one of Australia’s most prominent charities is sure to give our new Prime Minister pause for thought. Should he be accepting this bold challenge to improve the lives of Australians?

Mission Australia has put forward an idea to Malcolm Turnball, suggesting both state and federal governments take on the following goals:

  • Halve youth homelessness by 2020.
  • Halve total homelessness by 2025.
  • Halved the number of Australians living with rental stress – thus reducing one of the root causes of homelessness.

This comes hot on the heels of a disturbing report from the charity, naming family and domestic violence as the #1 cause of homelessness in Australia.

According to The Guardian, Mission Australia has suggested it is relatively much easier to keep Australians in trouble in their homes by addressing family violence, rather than the far more expensive task of addressing their needs once they are out of a home.

“Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is the number one reason people seek help from a homeless service, particularly women and children,” says the report.

“Efforts to reduce DFV need to be drastically expanded including high quality education in schools, broader public awareness, law and policing reforms, perpetrator programs and significant boosts to gender equality”.

Catherine Yeomans, chief executive of Mission Australia, told The Guardian that the government’s own inconsistency in dealing with homelessness is largely to blame for the growth in Australia’s homeless.

“There are 105,000 Australians homeless on any given night … we’re going to have a new census come out in 2016 and we are worried those homeless numbers are going to go out, we think it will increase, not decrease”.

“Over the past few years the focus and funding and continuity of funding hasn’t been there”.

“When we look at the number of people sleeping rough on the streets, it’s certainly not going down, what we know is that people sleeping rough on streets represent 6% of the population”.

The report also addresses the “hidden homeless”: families under intense strain to make ends meet under current rental pressure.

The reasons for this are housing affordability – people talk about housing affordability as people not being able to afford to purchase their first home, but actually what we see is it playing out in rental stress, and people being quickly tipped into experiencing homelessness”.

Mission Australia’s 2015 homeless policy asks the government to take a “zero tolerance” attitude to homelessness. When somebody is leaving a hospital, correctional facility or health institution, they should simply be let out on the streets.

The report has suggested that such people need support “well before they exit” these institutions. “Governments should be held accountable for these outcomes over the medium term”.

Should our new government be making this a priority? Is this the right way to secure a safer future for Australians in need? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. The Abbott Government cut funding for the homeless, it will be interesting to see if Turnbull gives that funding back. It makes sense to me that women and children fleeing violence would take the risk of sleeping on the streets rather than staying home and being maimed or murdered. The high cost of rental accommodation and bonds has put renting out of the reach of many

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    • Mar 23, 2015 – The funding announcement will see up to a further $2.8 million invested each year in the state for much needed homelessness services from 2015-2017. …

    • Under the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, $235 million was cut from affordable housing programs which women escaping domestic violence often depend on, $240 million was cut from the social services budget, $15 million was cut from the legal aid services these women require and $44 million was cut from the homelessness shelter budget. The majority of the women living on the streets have been victims of domestic violence.

    • Turnbull has grandstanded and given $100 million to domestic Violence,ATER CUTTING FUNDING BY $300…….With more victims of domestic Violence now seeking help,this in turn will put huge pressure on a broken Mental Health System,which has been broken for years and years,from funds being continually cut….there is currently an Epidemic in Mental Health,with over 2700 suicides ,so far this year and rising…..If you have a mental Health crisis now,you have to beg for a bed in a mental health hospital..then you are let out ,against family warnings,then that person goes home and commits suicide…this is such a real tradgedy happening over and over again….if you front up wanting to see psychiatrist in emergency,you are told by health professionals that you need to take them to a private the waiting list is too long…..cost for private Psych first visit…$400…….Homelessness will continue to increase….Victims of Domestic Violence will find out very quickly,that after intial shelter protection….you are on your own…..which is struggle street…NOONE SHOULD HAVE TO STRUGGLE LIKE THIS IN AUSTRALIA…WHILE THE GOVERNMENT HIDES IT’S HEAD IN THE SAND,AND THE RICH CONTINUE TO GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER……Turnbull/like Abbot need to go…They have repressed this country enough!!!!..

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      • I think a few of your facts are not correct, It doesn’t cost $400 to see a psych , in my area a few take medicare & it is around $200 , and there is no problem seeing a public one, Many, many mentally ill & drug addicts are all housed in public housing, and my
        son MUST see his at least twice a year, I do know a bit about this, This problem didn’t suddenly appear in September 2013, has being going on for years . Only trouble is we need THOUSANDS more TAX PAYERS ,

  2. All i hope is TURNBULL looks after the Australian people first and fixes this country up before he starts giving our money to other countries, ,and i think he should start taxing the rich with heavy taxes and start chasing these tax dodging countries like APPLE and start giving more money to the poor and the homeless

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    • If I was to find out all the fatcats names and put them on Facebook it would take me over a week the thing is there are fatcats then you have the pricks that are blackmailing them but now you have got TURNBULL a multi million air then you have all of his mate there the one’s that rule the country

    • Yes I know I realised that after I’d posted it once it’s send love you can’t get it back but I think I got my point across even though I don’t know my countries from my products hey

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      • I just thought it was a spellcheck moment substituting countries for “companies” Jim Manning.

  3. Time will tell but so far all this Liberal Government has done is cut services for the poor and needy of this country

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    • Absolutely…it is all about control…..while you continue to cut funding ,people don’t have the time ,money or energy to stand up to these heartless liberals……you continue to gag people so the nation doesn;t really know what is going on..and then you grandstand,and spin lies…..

  4. He hasn’t got any new ideas. No more than Abbott. Let’s have an election asap to sort this out. He is defacto in the sense that he hasn’t received the mandate from the people. So, he is unelected and really he needs to shape up or ship out.!

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  5. You can judge a country or indeed a person by the way they treat the most vulnerable amongst us. This government is far more interested in helping out the big end of town, and the wealthy. We have to do more to protect victims of domestic violence, this sounds like a good place to start

  6. Public housing is a State Government responsibility and appears to be reducing in quantity. Areas of public housing have been sold for redevelopment in SA which has changed the area for the better as the areas were tired and rundown. However not enough houses are built or brought to replace them. Homelessness is complex. We used to own five cheap flats catering to those on Centrelink or other low income. There is only so much landlords even Housing Commissions can tolerate. More needs to be done to help those with complex mental health issues. As for cutting funding for emergency shelters and other areas of need that is just cruel. After seeing Scott Morrison on TV talk about Australia not having a revenue problem but a spending problem the future looks worse.

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    • Andrews has opened the homes purchased to build the EW link to the homeless, now that the link is not going ahead. It’s a step in the right direction

  7. No government be it federal or state care about the people all they are concerned about is themselves and feathering their own nest. We don’t have anymore in power who is willing to put Australia and it’s people first they are all worried about what governments around the world will think of them. They are all talk no action. When they do put something in place who pays the price the people who can least afford it

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