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If it drives you nuts seeing someone park in a disabled spot who clearly doesn’t need it, then this will make you see red!

A Sydney shopper was furious when he spotted this inconsiderate driver who had wedged their car between two disabled spots.

Did they see the space and think. ‘Oh goody! there’s a space!’ or did the driver consciously decide to nose in there, knowing full well that disabled spaces give the drivers more room to manoeuvre but just not care?

The photo was taken at Campbelltown Mall and the space was clearly marked. The infuriated customer that snapped this picture wrote on Facebook:

“I understand that there are s–t and inconsiderate drivers anywhere you go but this one really s–t me today. It’s a Campbelltown mall special. Parking their car in the middle of two cars parked in the disabled spot.”

disabled inconsiderate parking

Is this the most inconsiderate driver? Or have you seen worse?

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