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Just a few days ago, our outgoing and outdated prime minister resigned using antiquated technology – yes, Tony Abbott sent a message announcing his intentions via fax machine.

The world is moving too fast for Mr Abbott, but not, it seems, for New South Wales premier Mike Baird, who has made headlines around the nation, not for his policies or political prowess, but because he tweeted live throughout the final episode of some ghastly reality TV show.

The premier was allegedly at home suffering from “man flu”, and was drawn in the finale of The Bachelor, which his daughters were watching.

His messages on Twitter were funny, in a dad-joke, bewildered kind of a way.

What’s more bewildering is the fact the premier has woken up a hero this morning, and not just on Twitter.

Huffington Post says, “Mike Baird live Tweeting The Bachelor is better than watching The Bachelor”.

Business Insider declared, “NSW Premier Mike Baird live-tweeted The Bachelor finale like a pro.”

Sky news said the premier “lights up Twitter” and hinted at a career change.

The premier was quick to draw parallels between reality TV and politics.’It must be terrible for those girls. Imagine having every word u say captured, televised, and taken out of context. Oh wait…’ he tweeted.

Is this an essential skill for future politicians? Is it the 2015 equivalent of slamming down a beer with everyday Australians – lying on the couch Tweeting about television shows?

The Guardian reports this morning that Julie Bishop has been on a following spree on Twitter overnight – perhaps it’s a directive from the new boss?

What do you think of “Batchie Baird” becoming an overnight sensation thanks to his twitchy thumbs? Is this how politicians “stay in touch” with real people?  


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  1. I like Mike Baird. I think he’s a good bloke. At least he is keeping up. I tried twitter – once. 🙁

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    • At first i thought I was looking at a photo of Mel Gibson.

  2. I like Mike Baird, very decent man, don’t live in his state but Qld’s premier is doing a good job. Tweeting during the bachelor would be about the only way to get through it.

  3. This is priceless!! So glad I don’t have kids at home, going by the choice of tv programs. Mike Baird seems like a great guy & dad 🙂

  4. Think he is trying to distance himself from his mate Abbott & support for his policies. A little bit Hollywood pose Mike. We want good policies for NSW please.

  5. Those tweets are funny…..I would have to have my hubbie with man flu and nailed to a couch to get him to watch the batchelor as well. But hubbies tweets would not be as amusing. Premier Mike Baird I think that rose ceremony has merit!!!! lol

  6. So, you believe it makes Tony Abbott a bad person because he still uses a fax, get a life !!

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    • In the UK letters by fax are considered as legal as the original letter with its signature, no doubt that’s why he sent a fax and not an email.

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