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The world produces more food than it needs to feed the entire planet yet people still go hungry. How is that even possible? There is no doubt that the business of food production is a complicated process but that doesn’t explain or justify food waste.

According to Love Food, Hate Waste, each NSW household throws away more than $1,000 of food each year, totalling 800,000 tonnes of waste per year in the state. What makes it worse is that most of it could have been eaten. How can we stop all of this good food going to waste?

Showing the world how it’s done, France has taken a huge step to eliminate food waste in supermarkets and the reaction has been very positive.

All supermarkets are banned from destroying unsold food and instead have to give it to charities.

How refreshing to see a country taking a stand to stop food waste. Could other countries like Australia adopt this policy too?

People across the world are united to try to fix the problem of food waste but is it too little, too late? Guillaume Garot, the leader of the program in France, stated, “It’s scandalous to see bleach being poured into supermarket dustbins along with edible foods”.

That statement says it all: this issue is pertinent and needs to be looked at seriously.

France had previously introduced a campaign to end food waste by incentivising shoppers to buy produce that would otherwise have been discarded by farmers because of superficial reasons. The food was sold at discounted prices and the campaign was widely success. Now they’re taking it one step further and cracking down on the remaining food waste sold in the shops.


This is just one tiny way to address global hunger but we reckon France’s new policy is a step in the right direction. It demonstrates that the best solutions are right under our noses and it’s just a matter of introducing these programs for change to occur.

Do you think Australia can learn something from France’s new supermarket policy? Do you think Woolworths and Coles would agree to this?

Tell us, what do you think of France’s pledge to crack down on food waste? Would you like to see this introduced in Australia?


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  1. No way should edible food be wasted, it should be sold on at reduced prices, given to charities and pensioners etc.

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    • It’s not that the quality isn’t there it is the end of the day , some people won’t buy it so supermarket s & take way venues throw it in the bin .
      If people can’t afford food Bronwen , would this be an alternative ? Or would you rather see them go without altogether ?

  2. I’ve always disliked waste. I know a lot of stores that give away food products, some well known bread stores in Melbourne give away their produce at the end of the day St Vinnies pick it up, to name one, I think we SAS have all come from a no waste time, Mum could stretch a meal if someone popped in, leftovers never thrown away, everything was second hand, I can swear on a bible I loved my bike that Dad did up, I cried when I saw it and anything Mum sewed for us girls was loved.

  3. Some Perth supermarkets will not even let me take veggie waste for my chooks, the excuse was I could sue them. I think this would be a great initiative

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    • Well , Like I commented before , we are a nation that has learnt to sue at the drop of a hat , it scares companies. Someone gets sick > it is suggested they sue , bingo pocket of
      money . > consequences > they would rather throw the food away .
      We make our beds we lie in them .
      It is a waste .

    • So true Carolyn, common sense has gone out of the window. My daughter was buying a dozen eggs, at the checkout one was found to be cracked. They were thrown in the bin. Horrified at such waste my daughter wanted to buy them, was told they could not be sold!

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