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Did you ever get the feeling your desk job was bad for your health? Now you have some scientific research to back it up.

According to a new study, prolonged sitting can increase the risk of serious and chronic illnesses.

The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, recommends standing or light activity for at least two hours during the day – ideally a whopping four hours.

Of course, for those of us who still work behind a desk, this is a tad easier said than done. The researchers acknowledge this, suggesting we start with the simple decision to stand and move more throughout the day. A little movement and variety can go a long, long way.

If you need to sit for extended hours through the day, the study recommends switching periodically to standing-based work, going for regular strolls, and even considering adjustable sit-stand furniture.

Long periods of standing could be just as harmful. It’s all about regularly shaking things up with variety.

With the number of reported chronic illnesses on the rise, this serves as a welcome reminder that even the most mundane, everyday activities can be revamped for better long-term health.


Do you stand or walk enough? Is it realistic to expect four hours of standing per day?




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  1. I sit too much nowadays (arthritis) so make sure I get up to do small chores regularly enough to keep the circulation going. Just taking out bins (about a 150 metre walk), feeding Alpaccas twice a day, laundry, washing up, cooking, vacuuming, taking dog out etc etc can all help you keep going. You probably move around more than you think you do with all the little jobs that need doing.

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  2. Standing for long periods of time is just as bad. They need to move – walking the best exercise.

  3. I stand, walk or in the Gym most of the day. I only sit down after 6.30pm to watch TV. 🙂
    Even when I was working behind a desk, I stood to file, sort at my desk and greet people the majority of the time. And unfortunately stand all the way home on the train!!

  4. Veins dont have much muscle in their walls and cant push blood back to the heart. They do have valves and need muscle movement to push blood back to the heart. Sitting too long reduces this muscle push and may result in problems so movement especially in big muscle masses like legs is important

  5. I much prefer to move, even standing still at a supermarket checkout can make me feel giddy.

  6. I have been in the kitchen all day ; stand.and stand and stand i dont believe its good for you , i now have planta fiscitis !!

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