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Radio shock jock Ray Hadley and immigration minister Peter Dutton had a good giggle yesterday over a “satirical” song about Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young being the “Dumbest Politician in Australia”.

The two-minute song was played on 2GB during Hadley’s show in which the minister was a guest. Set to the tune of Forever Young by the Youth Group, the lyrics included: “Sarah Hanson-Young is just the worst ever. She makes Bob Brown look kinda clever.”

“Talk about a half-wit,” the song continues. “Sarah Hanson Young, I don’t want to hear Sarah Hanson-Young. I’m sure she’ll be quite mad forever, forever, not clever.”

The song includes excerpts from Hanson-Young’s comments at a senate hearing last year in which the Greens senator tried to say that Sea Patrol depicted true activities by Customs.

At the end of the song, the foreign minister can be heard laughing. Following the Sea Patrol incident, Mr Dutton had called her an “embarrassment to the country”.

Hadley says, “It’s beyond my comprehension that, that she has any credibility in any major issue pertaining to our country.”

The Greens deputy leader Senator Larissa Waters has called the song “sexist claptrap” and said Dutton and Hadley were engaging in intimidation.

“Unfortunately this sort of pathetic attack on a young woman doing her job exceedingly well in the Parliament just demonstrates what a problem with sexism we still have in the Parliament and sadly in the nation more broadly,” Ms Waters told Fairfax.

“This sort of nonsense will only strengthen thhe resolve of young women to excel,” she added.

Listening to the blokes on air certainly reminds us of a certain two famous characters from the muppets. But does it constitute sexism?
Tell us what you think: is this a case of pollies being precious or men behaving badly?

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  1. Hadley’s record over the years isn’t exactly pure, & it’s a pity that idiot Dutton didn’t take that into consideration

  2. Hadley is a big headed fool he thinks he can get away with saying any thing he likes that includes domestic violence

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  3. I honestly despair of this country, these attacks on women are getting worse, first Gillian Triggs was abused for exposing the truth about the asylum seekers and now Sarah Hanson_Young for telling the truth about being followed, Peter Dutton and now Hadley a shock jock should both be ashamed, it was later proved Sarah was telling the truth about being followed. This is just to distract from Duttons abuse of her

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    • I totally agree Leanna. They only did it because they could ridicule someone publicly and they knew they could get away with it.

  4. Silly of politicians to involve themselves in personal attacks. It says far more about them than the person they are attacking. How the heck do you stop kids bullying one another when you see it done at this level, you don’t expect much maturity from many radio personalities but our politicians should be above such childish behaviour.

  5. Wake up Australia, there s a strong lack of respect at the moment for women in this country, if you have daughters or grand daughters, you should be saying NO very loudly, if our Politicians and the media get away with it , the general public will follow suit. We are going backwards in time , soon we will be having fight for women’s rights again

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    • what is the Minister for women doing about these shameful attacks? oh I forgot it is Tony Abbott..the biggest misogynist of them all !!

    • Women have always been fair game! Witches, etc etc too many times to mention… we have TV, radio, FB, Twitter and the insults continue! All the female leaders in the past 20 years have been ridiculed and insulted. We have to stand up for these women who take on leadership roles against these male bullies!

    • We are going backwards because the likes of Sarah Hanson Young is a politician, Don’t forget we are paying her wages.

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      • NoT sure how she is making us go backwards? I assume that is what your comment means. Could you please elucidate.

    • Just because we are paying her wages does not mean that her or any other woman should be abuse or bullied for telling the truth

    • You are kidding Barbara, Pay more attention.

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      • Peter Haywood you are sensitive. To whom are you referring? Surely not our illustrious Federal leader who never supports women??????

    • Those here that don’t recognise that the bullying associated with women, especially the male gender, need to get their hand off it. Some are ridiculously blind

    • Should be sacked , men have a hard time accepting women in certain work places they might show them up because there are still those out there who think women are below them . We were all created the same way .

  6. but it’s okay to attack men – Christopher Pyyyynnnneee takes the mickey out of himself and has a good giggle when songs are written about him – for heavens sakes – maybe it’s just an Irish trait – I’m a female with 4 very well mannered adult sons and I can still cop a good ribbing from them and other male AND female friends – and I can give as good as I get. – That seems to be one of the problems with the majority of today’s society – they can dish it out but they can’t take it – just like they don’t seem to know the difference between NEED and WANT – They NEED everything – they have RIGHTS but NO RESPONSIBILITIES – They want to act any way they like but are not willing to take the consequences of their own actions – boy I’m getting old !!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Trouble is Libs just laugh it off, Gillard shrieked every time any thing she didn’t like was said, BUT never a word about what her Party were saying & doing. She did some vile things in her time in Govt. was never admonished by her party . She set women back years,

    • Problem is this is a public forum not a good example especially when rhe attack is used to cover the fact she was right about being spied on as the inquiry found.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly Trish Parker. Well said.

  7. This is a bad influence for our young people and for the new immigrants in this country, we will never stop domestics violence, if this verbal abuse on women is allowed to continue. It is giving these bullies the green light to attack women

  8. This is absolutely ridiculous! Talk about something important.

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