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Whatever your thoughts on Fred Nile, you had to admit a certain steeliness of character to have fronted up to Q&A last night. On the panel, hosted by gay comedian Tom Ballard, were Julie McCrossin, the self-described “friendly, suburban face of Australian lesbianism”, cabaret theatre performer Paul Capsis and Katherine Hudson, the founder of Wear It Purple, which aims to grow acceptance for gay and lesbian schoolkids, plus Julia Doulman, a transgender woman.

The leader of the Christian Democratic Party stuck to his guns, making headlines all around the world by saying it was dangerous to promote homosexuality in schools. To put this statement into context, a young audience member shared his experience of coming out in school.

Mr Nile’s response, which followed other, more supportive responses, was ,”My observation is that teenagers are going  through sexual development and it can be quite dangerous, I think, to promote homosexuality in schools to children”.

He went on to clarify his position that if you tell a 14-year-old boy the reason he prefers to hang out with guys than chase girls is because he’s gay, then he will believe it.

This was one of many inflammatory statements. Early in the night Tom Ballard asked Mr Nile, “Is your position in fact that homosexuality is morally wrong?”

“Ah, homosexual acts,” Nile responded.

“A lot of people say there was a law banning homosexuality or banning homosexuals, it only banned or prohibited the sex act. In fact they had the old-fashioned words, the crime of buggery or sodomy,” he added.

Surprisingly, there was no shouting, mud slinging or personal insults during the session, As the Guardian reports, “What transpired was essentially two conversations happening across each other: one about how far all elements of Australian society have come since the ‘poofter bashing’ of the 1970s, and another about ‘the sin of buggery’ and victimisation of Christians by ‘homosexual activists’.”

Fred Nile reiterated that he does not hate gay people. “Find anything I’ve ever said where I expressed hatred for anybody – for homosexuals, or anyone else. That’s how you get misrepresented,” he said.

Tell us, do you think Fred Nile should have been involved in what was essentially a discussion about gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues in Australia? And do you think it took courage to go on the show? 

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  1. Fred Nile is a bit dated for such a debate. Why would you pick on an old man who did other good things with his life but was of a time. I felt there needed to be someone more accountable like some of the senior Libs who are policy makers now. Since attitudes of the general population have changed (save for the embarrassing ranters), an opinion from our present government seemed a better choice.

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    • An opinion is an opinion whether is comes from an old single outdated person as u described it but, moral and ethical values would never become outdated and genderized at any given time no matter where and how the world evolves as it may seem..

    • One of his opinions was that children deserve a male and female parent. What about children through no doing of their own, grow up with only a mum or dad, is dad going to turn his son gay or the a daughter going to be turned gay if there is no dad around. Or are they perhaps just going to be what they were born to be.

  2. The absolute belief that cannot be swayed this worries me. If it stayed like this we would still have slavery a man allowed to beat his wife so many other. His opinion he can have but when it demonises certain people sorry no go.

  3. He did an excellent job. It should not be classed as a “Marriage” Let the gays have a ceremony, but call it a “Union”, not marriage.

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    • The bible refers to a union of a male and a female the word marriage is not in the bible

    • Marriage is the intimate joining and equal partnership of a man and a woman. It comes to us from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image, so that they might become one body and might be fertile and multiply (See Genesis chapters 1 and 2). Though man and woman are equal as God’s children, they are created with important differences that allow them to give themselves and to receive the other as a gift.

  4. i am an atheist so not a big fan of religion but did think Fred Nile alone was up against a hostile panel and studio audience——i think another member on the anti gay marriage side of the debate could have lead to a more balance qanda !!

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    • settled down Robina Burns i’ve just had a bowl of tomato soup for lunch and cannot laugh as this present time !!

    • my stated position is for government to just sign off on issues such as gay marriage and euthanasia—–the round wheel has already been invented in other equally advanced western countries so just get on with it !!

    • dont ever forget that Q&A is always highly biased towards the Labor/Greens so you will never get a balanced view by watching them – sell the ABC and let the Tax Payers money go towards building a new hospital, something with a meaning.

    • Many people watch the ABC Lester Gaunt, who are you people to deprive a large slice of Australia including children because of your political bias..if they try to shut the ABC down watch the street fill with taxpayers who pay for the ABC.

    • To be fair to myself I watched last nights qanda again in full without tied eyes after a big gym session ( exhausted ) and realised it was more a celebration of gay & queer lifestyles and not so much an even debate —–I am more a live and let live type of person and except the world moves forward weather I like it or not.

  5. What people have to realise is that there will always be differing opinions on any subject. This constant battle to be the dominant opinion gets us nowhere.

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