Ingenious tip for neatly storing plastic shopping bags!

Do your plastic bags have a tendency to go everywhere? Well we have just stumbled across an ingenious tip that

Do your plastic bags have a tendency to go everywhere? Well we have just stumbled across an ingenious tip that lets you store plastic bags like tissues!

Simply take an empty tissue box, roughly straighten out a plastic bag and place it into the box (handles sticking out). Thread the next plastic bag through handles of the first bag and push it into the box also. Repeat until the box is full.

Do you have any smart ways of storing things that you would like to share?

  1. Fay White

    Plastic bags are banned in South Australia, not a problem

  2. Robert Hind

    The very best thing you can do with plastic shopping bags is not use them. Most of them are so weak they are only single use and then end up either in land fill or floating out to sea to join the great oceanic garbage patches.

  3. Barbara Cook

    sister-in-law lives in Victoria and places plastic bags in empty Pringle canisters. Fits about 40- 50 in, apparently. In SA we don’t get many bags now so they are handy for work vehicles for volunteers teams to put rubbish in.

  4. Barbara Easthope

    It’s about time they were banned everywhere else as well as South Australia.

  5. Debbie Bryant

    That is actually a good idea. I don’t have a lot as I use my own green bags for my groceries and I have a nice bag for other shopping.

  6. Sheila Mahlknecht

    Plastic bags are not automatically provided to customers when they shop in South Australia, if you want one you are charged 10 cents for it.

    • Barbara Easthope

      The bags they charge for in SA are a heavier reusable plastic that doesn’t catch on the wind and blow about. Other places use the corn starch bags that disintegrate very quickly.

    • Sheila Mahlknecht

      Some stores do, I know Woolies have the heavier plastic bags, but at our local Foodland they still use the same thin plastic bags they have always used.

    • Sheila Mahlknecht

      Sounds like a good idea to me, shame all Foodland stores don’t follow suit, I always take my own bags when I go shopping, but I notice there are quite a few people who don’t.

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