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I’ve called it: I’m taking the terms ‘elderly’, ‘old person’, ‘aged’, ‘pensioner’ and ‘senior citizen’ back! I’m sick of how we’ve let these words become so offensive to us, when they’re just words.

I think us over 60s really need to stop feeling upset by when we hear these words as it’s just someone else’s ignorance. And even then, these are terms that have become familiar. I personally don’t care what someone calls me as I am just grateful they aren’t saying “Hey b*tch” or something similar.

I had a friend tell me recently that she hated all the words that were thrown around and suggested the new age of baby boomers should be called ‘new-olds’ or ‘new old people’. Hilariously, she also said she calls herself ‘chronologically advanced’. She told me that the terms used for over 60s in 2015 were very dated and that they were better suited to the days when people would die in their 60s and we’d say they’d lived a very long life! I have to say I don’t agree and I’ll tell you why. I’m so over getting worked up over the words that I’m learnt to embrace them.

So let’s go through those words that make so many of us get our knickers in a knot, and soon you’ll see it’s actually a compliment.

I love being a senior citizen! How great is it that I’m the most senior of the citizens? I am an imperial goddess, I am superior! I feel privileged to be called a senior citizen, and so should you!

And how about elderly? Oh please: if you look at the definition of elderly, you’ll see it just means that you’re past middle age and approaching old age! See, it’s just what you are: approaching old age. So basically anyone after 40 could be called elderly and if we’re paired up with them, then that’s something to smile about.

Now, the dreaded “old person”. We’ve all been called “that old lady” or “that old man” but I personally love it. I’m an old lady! Everyone knows that being old is a great thing. As is being “aged”, just like my wine. I always tell my grandkids that I’m ageing like a fine wine and they just laugh.

On to “pensioner”. I was overheard this at a local store recently and thought it was quite apt. I really am on the pension, so good guess. The same with “retiree” – I am retired and I’m loving it.

All in all, I think if us baby boomers love what we’re called, no matter what it is, we can start to make more positive definitions for these words. While we might be insulted when we’re called pensioners or old people, we need to learn that we’re the ones who think these are bad words. We’re perpetuating the negative connotations! Remember, the person saying these words, more often than not, doesn’t want to offend you, so don’t take offence – just laugh it off and smile: you’re alive!

Share your thoughts: do you dislike being called certain words? Or are you OK with being called a senior etc.?

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  2. doesn’t worry me what people call me as long as they are polite and not swearing at me, I like being older, I am more confident and that shy girl who put her head down if someone talked to her..is well and truly gone..thank heavens.. Just be yourself and don’t worry what anyone thinks..and remember your wiser than they are 🙂

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  3. I totally agree they are only words I look at my grandchildren and know they are young and I am old ,I don’t work so I am retired I am happy to get a senior card so I am a senior I wish I had enough money that I didn’t need the pension I am happy and grateful to receive it so I am a pensioner so when people use these words I am grateful I have live longer enough to be call them so many don’t

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  4. I am happy I like being alive and that means growing older!

  5. I think the reality is we remember when our parents and grandparents were ‘old’…… and we don’t want to place ourselves in the same category or think we could ever be as old as they were

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    • I think you’re right there. We grew up with old looking seniors and never gave a thought to us being like that one day too, well, I love being a ‘senior’ ‘pensioner’ and so on! Great to be alive as so many have said. Thanks for the comment.

  6. I don’t feel old, except when I can’t do the things that I used to do easily, my mind is still young and I love hanging out with people of all ages. I’m on a pension and grateful I have a regular income I can plan around. I would love more money, but who wouldn’t, that’s why I put a small lotto in each week, my numbers might come up. I love having grandchildren, I can give them back to the parents when they are naughty, I’ve outlived lots younger people, I have great memories. I love me and my life, just don’t call me grandma if your old enough to be my son or I might bop you LOL !!!!

  7. Age shall not weary us ..nor the years condemn for we are Boomers and we rock forever

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  8. At 60 I am still in full time employment. I am not retired, I don’t get a pension, and I do not qualify for a senior’s card. I don’t see 60 as old. I embrace my age, but feel I have just entered my autumn years. Call me old when I am 80.

  9. I always say at least I have reached my 63years you have yet to so don’t judge, I’d rather be 63 than the alternative, 6ft under

  10. It’s our turn to be old. What’s wrong with that. Personally I’m grateful to be old have loved ones who never got the chance

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