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Walking into a shopping centre today is one of the surest ways to give myself a headache.

I avoid shopping centres like the plague, but when I’m in need of new clothes I find myself heading there and the regret sets in almost instantly.

When I was young, I loved getting dressed up and wearing bold, bright and sometimes outrageous clothes (it was the 70s after all!), but nowadays finding anything that looks halfway decent and doesn’t cost a fortune is near impossible.

It’s not like I’m looking for the same crazy things I used to wear, but it would be nice if the only options weren’t “ailing grandmother” and “daggy senior”!

I didn’t have have this problem when I was in my forties. Turning 50 was a real turning point though… Everything on the racks seems to be either aimed at 30 year olds or 80 years olds with no in-between.


Being 60 is so different nowadays than what it used to be, but it seems like these so-called designers didn’t get the memo.

When my mother was 60 she dressed like an old lady (in my mind anyway), as did all my aunties and most older women I knew. They were winding down at that time in their lives and settling in to taking it easy, while I feel like I’m just ramping up.

Turning 60 isn’t the ‘death sentence’ it used to be. We’re not old biddies who spend their days playing bingo at the local RSL; where travelling, laughing, being active and some are still working, too!

Why should we have to dress like we’ve given up on life? Why should I be reduced to wearing another fleece zip up jacket from Millers for the rest of my life?

While there are definitely nice clothes out there, most of them are too expensive for my budget so I find myself having to shop at cheaper stores that often don’t offer much more than a basic top and stretchy pants – not that I don’t appreciate an elastic waistband these days…

What I wouldn’t give to be able to afford the fantastic clothes Helen Mirren, Bette Midler, Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn get around in. While I definitely can’t boast to having the same figure as any of those ladies, I’d appreciate at least being able to try to pull of their styles!


For me and most over 60s I know, it mostly comes down to Rockmans, Katies, Big W and Myer when they have a sale. I wouldn’t mind saving my pennies for something from Country Road or David Jones, but even if I had the money the options just aren’t there.

The styles aren’t suited to a 60-year-old woman’s body nine times out of 10, which means it’s back to Millers for me!

Maybe all of us over 60s should jump up and down a bit more to make these labels pay attention to us, but on the other hand who has the energy?!

All I’m saying is it would be nice if half of the fashion and clothing industry didn’t ignore us oldies!

Do you struggle to find clothes you like nowadays? Where do you shop?

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  1. I buy my clothes mainly from TS Fashions; lovely stuff, bright and different.

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    • I buy ALL my clothes from TS shops, the staff are fantastic, I layer my clothes so always have a new look. I’m over millers & rockmans and have never been a size 14…I am now 71 and still size 20 even after 12 years of gastric lap band……bring it on baby♡

  2. I’m 65 on Friday and was just talking to friends today saying if they ever see me in a blouse unbuttoned with a t shirt under it and a floral or patterned mid calf length skirt to please shoot me. If I ever buy any thing in Millers also shoot me. Sussans have nice stuff but not always bigger sizes (16 I need) but way to expensive for just wearing at home or shopping. It really annoys me as well that no ones caters for us who aren’t daggy dressers. If I had my career over again I would campaign for us older trendy types and young large girls so they don’t have to wear trendy things 3 times too small for them.

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    • Don’t rely on Millers any more. Once upon a time they were great for buying some quite stylish and reasonably priced clothes. I don’t know who their buyers are these days but whoever they are either they have absolutely no taste or their budget has been slashed! On occasion if it’s your lucky day something halfway decent might turn up but don’t hold your breath. If you want to look old and dowdy then it’s the right shop these days. Such a pity!

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      • I am 64 and a size 8. Is just as hard to find clothes – don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Why can’t designers make age appropriate things for us? I would love to see nice things for a change.

  3. I so know what you mean. Basically, in winter, I’m still a jeans and jumper girl with a little trend set in. Like you, I find what I like is way too expensive. And I am so sick of black, grey and in between! I want a bit of colour. I also love ts but I’m not quite big enough! I find some good sale bargains at Suzanne Grae and some of their pants fit me well, so I tend to be on the lookout for their sales, and bargains at Sussan

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    • Try Tulio fashion on line. Colourful, well made, true to size and great for over 40’s. Shop there all the time. I have no interest in them, in fact the 2 ladies in Brisbane arnt in my state but shop there all the time. Plus Ezibuy.

    • Hi, look at Ezibuy on line. They have some lovely clothes and reasonable. Talk to the staff on the phone who will guide you through the clothes sizes. Prices are good as well. I have never had any problems.

  4. Oh, I feel your pain. Its worse if you are a size 10. Trust me…….yes I can fit into ANYTHING but just because I can fit into it does not mean I should wear it.
    Thank heavens I can sew. I often purchase from op shops and do a renovation rescue on it.
    Designers will never wake up.
    I remember seeing a group in a club for dinner from a care facility. Good serviceable brown and black coats EXCEPT for one lady who wore a bright Magenta one………I want to wear thet Magenta.

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    • Yes I’m 66 and love fashion I get a lot of my clothes from op shops great variety millers and I buy online also .

    • I am 75 and size 10 and I love bright colours…mainly tops…I don’t go for frills or fancy just classic styles and shape and really think if you step out of your comfort zone and try different clothes you will find something suitable in all sizes…if you only have dark tops try a bright scarf there are a lot of options.
      Outlets and op shops are my favourite shops.

    • I’m glad I can sew too. I’ve been making some shirts recently as there isn’t anything smart in cotton in the shops. I too get op shop clothes and alter them, then it doesn’t cost too much to have a change in your wardrobe. I do find some pieces at Valley Girl a good addition to what I have, definately not daggy!

  5. Yes I’m in my late seventies I would love to be able too dress not looking mutton dressed as lamb, but some clothes are well over my budget

  6. It’s all about changing your perspective on fashion – be daring- be bold – just because we have reached a certain age group does not mean you can’t look trendy n good. Ask to be styled ! Feathers at Myer Pitt st have shown me a few things I would have never tried on- but I did like them n look but most of all feel good and don’t look like a Nanna !! Try it

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    • Love Feathers clothes however they are expensive. Clothing companies do not cater for size 16 or above and if they do the clothes are very expensive and not the sort of thing you can clean the house in. Clothing companies need to accommodate the changing shape of women in their 60s. Nothing that is tight fitting around the middle to draw attention to the tummy, a little more room in the upper arm and a sleeve would be nice.

  7. I have recently turned 64 & am a size 8-10. I do not go to shopping centre’s anymore for my clothes as I can’t find anything for my age group except dowdy fuddy duddy clothes. Clothing stores are geared to the young & most other clothes are of such poor quality fabric that lasts about two washes before it looks like an old rag.
    I have found Veducci fashions, they are an Australian made clothing company who do party plan. They range in size from 6-24 & are individual & stylish with bright colours & good quality fabrics.
    They are on the web & well worth investigating. They have made clothes shopping stress- free for me ,that’s for sure.

  8. Thank God for TS, I bought a lot when working and wear them a lot since retiring 4 years ago.,just wear good clothes at Home now. They have great sales but now i only shop at Their outlet stores. Also gone back to making some of my own. Yes for some colour cand cut for mature figure please

  9. I understand exactly what you are saying I’m 65 and short with a larger build, have always dressed modern it’s impossible to find clothing to ft at a reasonable price. Usually I need to drag the sewing machine out and remodel by taking 15 cm off the sleeves or legs. Even if you can sew it’s expensive to buy the fabric and haberdashery. What’s with all the stripes going around the body in clothing at the moment? That’s the last thing I need.

  10. I understand exactly what you are saying I’m 65 and short with a larger build, have always dressed modern it’s impossible to find clothing to ft at a reasonable price. Usually I need to drag the sewing machine out and remodel by taking 15 cm off the sleeves or legs. Even if you can sew it’s expensive to buy the fabric and haberdashery. What’s with all the stripes going around the body in clothing at the moment? That’s the last thing I need.

  11. I buy black pepper when on special cotton on and some rockmans. Also get good bargains at op shops.

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