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Steve Price is in hot water yet again on another TV show, when he defended his accusation of left-wing columnist Van Badham about being hysterical while on the panel of Q&A.

The Project hosts Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore have slammed Steve Price on the show, the day after he demeaned the female columnist while she spoke about domestic violence.

He rejected the opportunity to apologise when speaking with the hosts of Channel 10’s The Project, which Price is a regular guest panellist on.  The controversial broadcaster said he would have treated a man exactly the same, despite protest from Aly.

‘Using that word to describe me would be different – because for 4,000 years, women were described as “hysterical” as a way of trying to say that they were irrational, incapable of being reasonable because they had ovaries. I mean, “hysteria”, the Latin root of it is “womb”,’ Aly said.

Steve Price has claimed he was “ambushed” by a question about violence against women on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night, which resulted in him defending controversial comments made by Eddie McGuire and branding columnist Van Badham “hysterical”.

‘I have no background of the word hysteria,’ Price said.

‘But now that you do, do you think or accept it’s the way to respond, particularly when they’re speaking about belittling women?’ Waleed pressed.

“I will describe things as I see them,” Price said. “I accurately described how Van Badham was behaving.”

There has been genuine outrage during the Eddie McGuire saga, and this situation has yet again sparked outrage, with many users taking to Twitter to post how they felt about it.

When people deal with domestic violence, and the media propagates it without realising that it affects so many people emotionally, it’s no wonder there has been national outrage surrounding this situation.

How do you feel about Steve Price defending his comments against women by trying to belittle them in the process?

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  1. I do not watch the Projectt when Price is on the show. He is an arrogant right wing person who has no respect for other people’s opinions.

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    • That’s right us so called right wingers have no freedom.of speech. Drowned out and verbally and physically attacked by the left who claim their superiority by screaming ‘racist’ at every opportunity that they aren’t winning the debate.

  2. Steve Price still does not get the point. The man had just told him about his sister bring murdered by her husband with a machete n yet instead of giving his condolences to this man Steve Price straight away defended Eddie MCGuire Boys club sticking up for each other. He should be ashamed of himself n the way he treated the questioner n the other lady on the QA panel

  3. Don’t watch project waste of time to many far left comments . What a disgrace they just like to get head lines . All they do is split people

  4. Aly is a girl himself and I am totally offended by him he is a extreme leftie and people who listen to his dribble need to get a life. He is just being hysterical as usual.

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    • How dare you Susan, you have used the word girl as an insult. Ali is not left wing at all, he is centre right. Here you have used two words (always used in reference to women, girl and hysterical) to demean and insult a man. Doing this also insults all women everywhere, you are a disgrace.

  5. I watched both Q&A and The Project in question and I think the issue was completely taken out of context. Steve Price did say that Eddie was his friend and that his comments were wrong and that he had apologised but he was trying to say that it had been blown out of proportion. He was not condoning Eddie and criticised Sam Newman’s comments but suddenly he was the focus of Van’s rant. He re-acted to her rant not condoning violence against women. I think Carrie and Aly sensationalised Steve’s comments and I think they were wrong. I don’t always agree with him but in this case I believe these verbal attacks against him are unfair.

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    • I watched both programs as well and totally agree with your view. I don’t watch The project most nights because I can not stand Carrie and Aly as presenters. I rarely agree with their views which they tend to push down people’s throats and her continual giggling throughout every program is irritating. After seeing Q & A the other night I wanted to see the show’s interview with Steve Price and true to form, I was disgusted at their bullying tactics and single minded views. Aly’s derivative of the word ‘hysterical’ to me, lost the logical argument and what little respect I may have had for him.

    • Yes I think you have the issue dead right.

    • The project needs to be canned; id prefer that time slot for the kids and the simpsons instead of rubbish that these two presenters unprofessionally continue to present. Aly requires lessons in true journalism and how to be unbiased and present facts; but also how to interview people for two sides of a story… and Carrie needs to know she doesnt need to follow Aly and be as unprofessional as he is.

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  6. What price Price? Midget man,midget brain.

  7. Get over it, Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore are not interested in reporting the news, they insist on making it. Waleed Aly should look at his own people’s religious problem of belittling and harming women before making any judgement.

  8. Get over it, Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore are not interested in reporting the news, they insist on making it and stoking the fire. Waleed Aly should look at his own people’s religious problem of belittling and harming women before making any judgement.

  9. I watched the show once that was enough for me

  10. Steve Price was reacting to a arrogant and aggressive Van Badham who was being hysterical. She constantly talked over the top of other panelists, disagreeing with most of what was said by male panelists. She was very loud and argumentative throughout the show which resulted in Tony Jones having to constantly ask her to be quiet and give the others a go. If you’re going to behave in such an hysterical way then don’t be surprised when you are called hysterical.

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  11. It’s all a big set up . Nobody watches the program because their all to far to the right. Trying to get people to watch it.

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