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Being a grandparent is such a gift, and the majority of us adore our role, our second coming as parents. I’m a very lucky grandmother – I have two grandchildren. I get to see Leah and Grace often and I know other grandparents can get jealous of me and how close I am to them.

I have a closeness to my granddaughters because I took care of them both from a very young age. Sadly, I’m their only grandparent as my husband died when Kieran was 12, and his partner’s parents died three months apart five years ago. So I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure I leave a lasting impression on my granddaughters – they’re all I’ve got and I’m all they’ve got, as far as grandparents are concerned! I made this realisation when Leah was about three and a half and Grace was four weeks old…I didn’t think I’d be a hands-on Granny. Instead, I thought I’d be more of a holiday Granny and would be able to go off on cruises and enjoy retirement to the maximum.

That was until Leah went into hospital. I was called so I could take care of baby Grace while Kieran and his wife went to be by her side. I didn’t know much more than she was exhausted until Kieran rang me crying, saying she had leukaemia. I was floored. I had no idea what that would mean for our little Leah but she was going to be OK, I knew it in my heart. From that day forward, dreams of a beautiful cruise and the open water left my mind. My sole purpose was to be there for my son and my grandchildren. They were my blood and I could not sit idly by.

I became a full time nanny (and Granny) for Grace. Once Leah was in remission a year later, I lived in with the family and did everything they needed me to. Now, 15 years on, my darling grandchildren are happier and healthier than ever. Leah has had no signs of cancer since and is a happy 19-year-old. She taught me resilience at times of adversity. She also taught me what a special role grandparents have in their grandchildren’s lives. I feel I have those special memories to hold on to that no one can take away from us. My own parents were barely there for my children and I thought that’s just how it was. It’s not – in the real world, 2015 grandparents are more loving and hands-on than ever.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your grandchildren and tell them you love them. Become their pen pal. Send them special gifts to know you’re thinking of them. Make an impression in their lives.


Tell us below: do you have a special connection with your grandchildren? 

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  1. So important to be there for your family the impact of not bring there will impact on those children forever

  2. I have made an impression in my grandkids lives. We spend hours together. They are fantastic human beings. I’m privileged to be able to do this. Had one hospitalised for six weeks last year and we spent hours together.

  3. I had one grandmother but she was so mean and grumpy we dreaded visiting her. I was so envious of school friends who looked forward to spending school holidays with their grandparents or having outings with them.
    I look after my 2 grandchildren 3 days a week and I treasure every moment with them. I have a background in children’s services so I enjoy planning fun experiences for them. Hopefully they will look back in time and remember those moments with a smile.

  4. Being a grandmother best thing ever love all 7 and they all say love you nanna when I see them and when I leave

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    • What do you do when grandson 28 y.o send you Wedding invitation after not Hearing or seeing him for 8 Years no Responding on txt mess on calls or Christmas….I am confused what to do…my head is telling me NO …my heart YES….I have no more tears ….He lives 45min away …and I am the only grandparent left….Why now ….i even took him out of my will.Never had a BAD word betwine us ….is it his Mother or what …Please help me…..

  5. I wanted to wanted to have a grand father grand children relationship with my grand kids. However, for the most part family gossip innuendos and just plain lies have put that ambition to rest and those relationships will never occur, other than the occasional “hello” from a great distance.

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    • That is sad and very unfortunate Peter, hopefully this problem gets resolved. My grandson lives in Canada, I miss him very much so visit every other year for three months, every moment spent with him is precious to me.

  6. It was so wonderful that you were there for baby Grace. I feel for the children at home when their brother or sister is hospitalised long term. You were so lucky to be in a position to care for her, & wonderful that you have them all in your life.

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