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Mosquito bites are harmless but the swelling and itchiness is what makes these bites so irritating! There are many ways to help prevent mozzies biting us, see our tips here, but sometimes they will still get an unexpected spot.

If you are scratching at a bite, we have a few solutions that can be found in your kitchen cupboard to help heal and sooth the itchiness.


Oats contains compounds that have anti-irritant qualities. Simply mix a cup of oats with a cup of water in a bowl. Place the paste onto the bite for about 10 minutes.


Basil leaves have compounds of eugenol that relieve itchy skin. To make a basil rub, boil a cup of water and add a few dried basil leaves, wait till it cools down then use a washcloth to rub the liquid onto the bite. Alternately, chop the basil leaves finely and rub directly onto bite.

Banana peel

The peel of a banana contain oils that can moisturise and neutralise some of the itching. The peel will not solve the bite itself so be prepared to get that itchy feeling back.

Heated spoon

Heat a spoon over a stove’s flame (make sure it is not burning hot just heated) and place it on the bite till the spoon cools, it will stop the itching and inflammation.

Will you try these tricks? Do you have a method to reduce swelling and itchiness?

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  1. The best thing to use on mozzi bites is vicks vaper rub stops the itch and clears them up

  2. There is another way to quickly stop the itch…I just use soap and water, works on sand fly bites as well

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    • It may work for you…but after showering I came up in lumps which blackened and took weeks to heal.

  3. Not all mosquito bites are harmless! If you have contracted Ross River Fever, like I have in the past, you would know all about it.

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    • One of the first things that happened to me on arrival in Oz,was contracting,what they then called Murrumbidgee virus in the Binya Hills in Griffith. For six months after,every footstep I took caused pain to shoot up my spine.

    • It’s awful whatever you can contract from Mozzies. I have to keep my diet on whole food, preferably raw, not much meat & just stay healthy – lots of rest & usually I blank out a few hours in the day just to rest.

  4. I found doTerra oil called Terra Shield is wonderful. Dilute with water and spray on for protection. If bitten then dab on oil. Mozzies bite me often and this has made a world of difference for my enjoyment of summer. Just google it. There are many suppliers in Oz.

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