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Freezer burn is the one of biggest problems with freezing meats and other products. You’ve probably seen meat that comes out of the freezer and looks ‘off’ and dark. This is caused by oxidation and dehydration, but it can be prevented.

Here are some tricks that will stop damage to your food when you freeze it.

1. Wrap your food well and place in containers

It can be tempting to just cling wrap some chicken or sausages but actually, you should also be putting them in containers. Freezer quality containers have a moisture-vapour barrier that keeps the moisture in your food.

Vacuum sealers are best for long term storage because they remove all the air from the package.

2. Keep a stable freezer temperature

Self defrosting freezers are bad for your food because they fluctuate in temperature so the frost can melt. This is bad for your food because the temperature fluctuations cause the water molecules in your food to move and increase the chances of it evaporating – causing freezer burn.

3. Keep your freezer at least 3/4 full

This helps keep the temperature stable and also saves energy.

4. Repack frozen foods

Do you open a bag of store bought frozen veggies, use some and put that open bag back in the freezer? Once store-bought frozen foods are opened they need to be repacked in a container.


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