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Long flights can be draining and the small chairs with not much leg space are no fun either. Our hands, eyes and mouth can start to feel dry after a few hours up high. This is because the humidity in the cabin can get to 20 per cent which means that the air is forced to draw moisture from other sources – like our skin.

Some of us might forget that we need to keep hydrated during the flight. The trick also lies in preparing your hydration before flying.

We have a few tips that will help you feel hydrated and ready for the long flight ahead.

Before long flight:

1. A week leading up to your flight, drink as much water as possible. If you drink the standard amount a day push to drink a little more.

2. Moisturise your skin thoroughly in the weeks before you leave. If desired, you could even do a hydrating facial mask the night before. An easy hydrating mask is using coconut oil and lathering your face/body, let it soak in for two hours then wash off.

3. Drink water with electrolytes such as milk or exercise and sports drinks. Electrolytes send messages throughout the nervous system so without them muscles can cramp,  heart gets irregular beats, feelings of nausea and confusion may start to appear. Electrolyte drinks can also help rejuvenate your body when it’s at a loss of water.

4. These are three important items to pack in your take-on-bag before your flight. Firstly, pack an empty water bottle that you can fill up on the plane (if the bottle is full security will confiscate it at the gates). Secondly, pack face, hands and body moisturiser to apply throughout the flight. Finally pack eye drops, which will come in handy when your eyes start to dry out.

5. Have a healthy meal before your fight. If it is breakfast we recommend including yoghurt, as it has probiotic bacteria that will strengthen your immune system.

During long fight:

1. The number one tip to keep hydrated during the flight is to drink plenty of water. Keep reminding yourself every hour to have a glass or two.

2. Avoid salty snacks and caffeine throughout the flight as they have dehydrating effects. If you are not a nervous flyer avoid alcohol before and during flight.

3. The lack of humidity in the cabin is the primary reason why our skin starts to dry out, so when your hands or face start to feel shrivelled apply moisturiser. The same applies to your eye, you might be tempted to rub them but don’t, simply let a few drops of eye solution fall into them.

Keeping hydrated will also help with jet lag.

Will you try this tip? What are your travel tips for a long flight?

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  1. Drinking lots of water during long flights always makes you want to go to the loo. This is all good as you are up and down to spend a penny and having a wander around to keep circulation in order. (Seeing who else is on board is good fun, but don’t stare. Love doing fun things.)

  2. Do all of those. If the aircraft has the old air vents which can be adjusted i always make sure I have a cap on as it deflects the air from the eyes and cuts down the possibility of dry eyes.

    A tipr I picked up when I was ahving an ultrasound to the legs 3 months ago. You don’t have to get up and go for a stroll around the aircraft. Wriggle your toes as often as you can it helps pump the blood back up the legs which lowers the risk of clots. B|

  3. Rylee Sealey read this and take note

  4. I recommend purchasing a Humidiflyer mask. They are sold in Australia. They help keep 1 hydrated & also protect from bugs floating around the cabin. Many sports teams/singers/professionals use them.

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