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This happens to every tube of mascara over time – it dries out and then starts to form clumps. It can seem wasteful to simply toss it out but luckily there’s an genius tick to revive your lash enhancer in a snap.

First of all, don’t pump your mascara trying to get more on your wand. All this does is pump air into the tube, which actually causes it to dry out faster. But if you are noticing clumps, simply add a drop or two of eye drops into the tube and then rub the wand around inside. The eye drops help to soften the clumpy mascara making it easy to apply, as if it were a brand new tube!



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  1. What has happened to the old rule of over 3 months must be tossed? Not that i was a 100% believer.

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    • I’ve had mascaras that have started clumping after just a few uses, it can happen under 3mths but never keep it longer than 3 mths.

  2. I have not worn mascara for at least nine and a half years when my middle son was married. I dislike any form of makeup and am always told that I don’t look my age even after brain cancer.

  3. Well I love makeup and always have. Love buying it, trying it and it makes me feel good. Have just tried the eysdrops, will try the microwave (put a glass of water in at the same time!) with another mascara!

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