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Do you spend hours doing the laundry, trying to achieve the perfect fold that you see in retail stores?

Well, this little YouTube video will be the answer you’re looking for! You won’t need any special tools, just your two hands and a pile of shirts.

It is tricky to get right the first time but once you have it down pat, it’s like riding a bike. I wouldn’t fold my shirts any other way now!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Lay the shirt flat on the floor or table with the front of the shirt facing up
  2. Use your finger to draw an imaginary line halfway through the top and bottom of the shirt
  3. Use your finger to draw another imaginary line halfway between the middle of the shirt and the edge
  4. Name the points where the lines cross A, the top of the shirt where the second line starts B and the bottom of the shirt where the second line ends C
  5. Pinch point A with your left hand
  6. Pick up point B with your right hand
  7. Reach your right hand over and pick up point C
  8. Unfold your arms and use the table or floor to fold the shirt back onto itself.

Will you try to fold your shirts this way?

If that sounds all too confusing watch the tutorial in this video:


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  1. For travel I roll mine. At home they go on a hanger as they come out of the machine and that’s where they stay until I ware them. 😉

  2. A 1 minute video on how to hang a polo top (a shirt??) in under 2 seconds!! .Makes sense (but then I don’t have that kind of sense)

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