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Recently, we were asked by a Starts at 60 member where to find seniors discounts in her area and it made us realise, many of us don’t know where to find out what businesses have concessions on their products or services until we go there.

If we just knew what discount we could get, we’d be able to save money and time.

So, we’ve done the work for you and found out the discount directory websites for each state (plus New Zealand). On most you can search by location within your state as well as genre and proximity to you. Some even have downloadable and printable directories so you can have a copy with you.

Here are the website links to the seniors card directories:


New South Wales

Western Australia

South Australia

Australian Capital Territory


Northern Territory


New Zealand


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Tell us, what is the best seniors discount you have ever received? 

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  1. gloria jeans give 10% as well, collonaides is the one who did this for us. i was taking my Mum out, and he said that he would do this for her, so I gave him mine, and he was gobsmacked, he didnt think I was old enough

  2. Just wish I could have one, because I work they say no can’t get one

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    • Apply oft the “Seniors BUSINESS Card”. I got one & I work. The “Seniors” card is different & mostly applies to pensioners.

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