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Have you ever found yourself wobbling haphazardly on a chair, cleaning months or years of dust off the top of your ceiling fan? We’re about to make your life a whole lot easier.

This is one of our favourite “why didn’t I think of that?” household tricks, and it works like a dream.

Simply use an old pillowcase!

ceiling fan with pillowcase


Place it over the fan blade and slide it off, pulling down to wipe as much as you can off.

As an added bonus, the pillowcase will even collect the dust as it falls off, saving you from any further floor cleaning. Just take it outside afterwards and shake it all out!

Have you tried this clever little trick? Do you have any time-saving tricks of your own? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Thank you for this hint, I’ve been wanting to clean my fan for such a long time without bothering any one else. But I still have to climb on something to get to it, here’s hoping I won’t fall??

  2. What do you mean Woman’s work Baf?

  3. Just use a clean paint roller on an extension pole also good for cleaning cobwebs that are too high for the duster to reach

  4. I would still need to climb on something to get the pillowcase on to the fan blades.

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