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For the first time in history, Forbes, who is renowned for their rich-lists and business achiever lists, has released the top ten Youtubers by earnings online and the numbers might just shock you we think.  It is a career path that many over 60s might look at and roll their eyes, considering it something you do before you get a job to pass the time, but these numbers tell a very different story.

Youtube is clearly the path to riches and brand creation for some folks, and as the fastest growing search tool on the Internet is sure to create a few more millionaires in the years ahead.  It is interesting to note that most are under 30 and a similar age to their own communities.

So who are they and how much do they earn?

1.  PewDePie – or a guy most people don’t know the name of Felix Kjellberg, has a following on Youtube of 40 million +  people.  He is renowned for his gaming-tirades which he records and distributes through the Youtube channel that is said to make $12.5Million pre-tax.

2. and 3.   Smosh and Fine Brothers who have tied for second position on the list, each making $8.5 million

4.  Lindsay Stirling, the dancing violinist who has notched in at number 3 with $6M in earnings (see the video below)

5.  Rhett & Link, aka Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III, are comedians who are said to have made $4.5M in the last year.

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  1. It’s nice to see someone actually making money from YouTube, Bec. The last I read on the subject of YouTube royalties was a set of figures provided by an Indie label (a bit over a year ago) to the effect that they received $0.00175 per stream, i.e., $1,750 for every million plays.

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